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Changes from 4.3.17 -> 4.3.18 (3 Feb 2015)

* rev 7494

* Fix CVE-2015-1430, a buffer overflow in the acknowledge.cgi script.
  Thank you to Mark Felder for noting the impact and Martin Lenko
  for the original patch.
* Mitigate CVE-2014-6271 (bash 'Shell shock' vulnerability) by
  eliminating the shell script CGI wrappers
* Don't crash in XML board output when there is no sender for status
* Fix IP sender-address check for maintenance commands, when
  the target host is listed with IP in hosts.cfg.
* Linux client:
    - Generate 'raid' status from mdstat data
    - Include UDP listen ports in netstat data
    - Include full OS version data from SuSE clients
* FreeBSD client: Handle 'actual' memory item, once the client
  starts reporting it.
* Additional bugfixes:
  - xymond_capture: Fix exclude-test pattern handling
  - xymonlaunch: Guard against cron-times triggering twice in one minute
  - xymond_client: Fix DISPLAYGROUP handling in analysis.cfg rules
  - xymonnet: Handle AAAA records in dns checks
  - xymond_channel: Fix matching in --filter code
  - xymond: BFQ id may be zero
  - xymond: Fix bug in hostfilter matching code
  - xymond: Fix memory leak
  - xymond: Fix list manipulation for "modify" commands
  - xymond_rrd: Fix restart of external processor
  - Linux client: Set CPULOOP for correct top output
  - AIX client: vmstat behaves differently

Changes from 4.3.16 -> 4.3.17 (23 Feb 2014)

* rev 7446

* Fix crash in xymond when using 'schedule' command
* Configure/build/install fixes:
  - Allow specifying location of the PCRE include/library files 
    for client-side configuration build. 
  - Pass IDTOOL to client installation (for Solaris).
  - Fix broken configure+Makefiles for client-side configuration
  - C-ARES: Fix wrong call to Makefile.test-cares during configure
  - Dont error out if www-dir or man-dir is empty. Mostly an
    issue when building packages with non-standard layouts.
* Fix wrong timestamp on a new status arriving with a non-green
  status while DOWNTIME was active. Such a status would appear to
  have been created on Jan 1st, 1970.
* Fix hostgraphs so it obeys RRDWIDTH / RRDHEIGHT settings
* Add upper limit to showgraph CGI when generating self-referring URI's
  From Werner Maier
* Extra sanity check on extcombo message offsets.
* The Enable/Disable webpage now permits filtering on CLASS value.
  From Galen Johnson

Changes from 4.3.15 -> 4.3.16 (9 Feb 2014)

* rev 7394

* Fix xymonnet crash on sending http test results
* Fix xymond crash if client-local.cfg contains empty sections
* Fix RPM-based initscript for clients with explicit hostname
* Fix misleading error-message when testing for C-ARES library
* Fix client-local.cfg handling, so by default it will not merge
  sections together, i.e. behave like previous 4.x releases.
  NOTE: The new regexp matching can still be used.
* Add "--merge-clientlocal" option for xymond, which causes it
  to merge all matching sections from client-local.cfg into one.
* Use native POSIX binary-tree handling code

Changes from 4.3.14 -> 4.3.15 (31 Jan 2014)

* rev 7384

* Fix xymond_alert crashes introduced in 4.3.14
* Fix missing C-ARES build files
* client-local.cfg: Support expression matching of sections
* acknowledge.cgi: Acks are enabled for all ALERTCOLORS, not just red and yellow

Changes from 4.3.13 -> 4.3.14 (26 Jan 2014)

* rev 7377

* Fix critical ack not working for hosts where the display-name is
  set (via "NAME:" tag). From Any Smith.
* SNI (Server Name Indication) causes some SSL connections to fail
  due to server-side buggy SSL implementations. Add "sni" and "nosni" 
  flags to control SNI for specific hosts, and "--sni" option for 
  xymonnet to control the default. Reported by Mark Felder.
* Fix build process to fully obey any XYMONTOPDIR setting from the
  top-level Makefile. NOTE: Client-only builds no longer install the
  client in a "client/" subdirectory below XYMONHOME.
* Fix showgraph so it silently ignores stale rrdctl files when trying
  to flush RRD data before showing a graph.
* Fix xymond_alert crashing when trying to strip <cr> characters
  from the alert message. Bug introduced in 4.3.13.
* Fix Solaris client to report memory even when no swap is configured.
* Fix bug where alerts that were initially suppressed due to TIME
  restrictions are delayed until REPEAT interval expires.
* Fix crash in xymonlaunch when trying to find tasks.cfg
* Fix HTML generated by acknowledge.cgi (missing '>')
* Fix Linux client reporting garbled client data if top output ends 
  without a new-line (causes CPU load and other vmstat graphs to
  stop updating)
* Fix Debian installation so it enables Apache mod_rewrite
* Fix merge-lines utility crashing when first line was an include
* Fix "make install" failing when server/www/help was a symlink
* Document existing OPTIONAL setting in analysis.cfg for file-checks 
  on files which may not exist.
* Document existing CLASS setting in alerts.cfg
* Add new INFOCOLUMNGIF and TRENDSCOLUMNGIF settings so the icons 
  used for these pages are configurable.
* Enhance Solaris client to correctly handle Solaris zones.
* Add new search facilities to xymond to select hosts with the
  'xymondboard' and 'hostinfo' commands.
* New --ack-each-color option for xymondd changes ack behaviour so a 
  yellow ack does not apply when status changed to red, but a red ack 
  applies if status goes yellow
* New "headermatch" tag for http tests so content checks can look at
  HTTP headers in addition to the HTML body.
* Use system-wide c-ares library. The pre-built Debian packages now
  require the "libc-ares2" package.

Changes from 4.3.12 -> 4.3.13 (08 Jan 2014)
* rev 7339

* Fixes to FreeBSD client code, from Mark Felder (FreeBSD maintainer)
* Fix crash on "client" data sent via status channel when host is unknown
* Strip carriage-return from text sent to mail alerts, to avoid mail
  programs treating the message as binary and putting it in an attachment
* xymonnet network tester supports Server Name Indication (SNI) for SSL
  enabled virtual websites.
* HTTP tests now use "Cache-control" header for HTTP/1.1 (default) and
  "Pragma" for HTTP/1.0, so it is protocol compliant.
* netbios-ssn, snpp and lpd protocol.cfg entries (Tom Schmidt)
* "temperature" status strips html tags from sensor names (Tom Schmidt)
* Extra "total network I/O" line on ifstat graph (Tom Schmidt)
* New "backfeed" queue for high-speed transmission of Xymon status updates 
  between modules located on the same server as xymond. Note: This is
  disabled by default, see the README.backfeed file.
* New "extcombo" message type allows for combo messages of all types
  (usually "status" and "data").
* Status webpage will return an HTTP error code for invalid requests
  instead of reporting an Ok status (some log analysis tools warn
  about attack attempts when an 'OK' status is reported).
* New setting IMAGEFILETYPE removes hardcoded ".gif" on the various
  image-files in the "gifs" directory. Directory name is unchanged, though.
* FreeBSD: Change from maintainer to enable building with CLANG.
* New modifier for https tests for selecting only TLSv1 as protocol
* CGI's now return a proper HTTP status code in case of errors (e.g. "404"
  when requesting a status for a non-existing host).
* Fix problem with xymond_rrd dying if an external processors crashes
  (from J. Cleaver)
* Fix configure/build problem with detecting POSIX realtime-clock functions.
* Fix for FreeBSD 5+ vmstat reporting (from Jeremy Laidman)
* Fix for "make install" not setting correct file/directory permissions
* Re-add the "--hf-file" option for criticalview CGI (removed in 4.3.7)

Changes from 4.3.11 -> 4.3.12 (24 Jul 2013)
* rev 7211

* Security fix: Guard against directory traversal via hostname in "drophost" commands
* Fix crash in xymongen introduced in 4.3.11
* SCO client: Fix overflow in memory calculation when >2 GB memory
* Fix so "include" and "directory" definitions in configuration files now handle <tab> after the keyword
* Fix for the Xymon webpage menu on iPad's and Android (touch devices)
* Fix "drophost" handling so the host data directory is also cleared
* xymond_rrd now processes data from "clear" status messages
* Xymon clients now report the version number in the client data
* Linux clients now align "ps" output so it is more readable.
* New "generic" client message handler allows log/file monitoring from systems that are not known to Xymon.
* The Xymon client now works if invoked with a relative path to the runclient.sh script
* Other minor / internal bugfixes

Changes from 4.3.10 -> 4.3.11 (21 Apr 2013)
* rev 7188

* Fix wrong file permissions when installing
* Linux client: Fix handling of root filesystem when mounted on "/dev/root"
* trends webpage: Fix case where hostname disappears after zoom.
* FreeBSD client: Memory patch for FreeBSD 8.0+
* xymond_alert: Fix problem with UNMATCHED rules triggering when there are
  actual recipients, but their alerts are suppressed due to a REPEAT
  setting not having expired.
* xymond_rrd: Dont crash if called with an empty status/data message
* xymond_channel: Report cause when channel-child exits/crashes
* xymongen: Geneate an overview page with only reds (like non-green)
* xymongen: Optionally define env. variable BOARDFILTER to select
  hosts/tests included in the generated pages
* links: Add pdf, docx and odt as known document formats
* Fix potential crashes after an alert cookie expired
* Fix potential crash after deleting/renaming a host
* Speedup loading of the hosts.cfg file, noticeable with very
  large hosts.cfg files (100.000+ hosts)

Changes from 4.3.9 -> 4.3.10 (6 Aug 2012)
* rev 7164

* Fix build problems with "errno"
* Fix build problems with OpenSSL in non-default locations
* Fix build problems with certain LDAP configurations
* Fix build problems with RRDtool on FreeBSD / OpenBSD
* Fix problem with ifstat data from Fedora in graphs
* "inode" check on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX
  in addition to existing support for Linux
* Document building and installing Xymon on common platforms 
  (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris)
* Enhance xymoncfg so it can be used to import Xymon configuration
  settings into shell-scripts.

Changes from 4.3.8 -> 4.3.9 (15 Jul 2012)
* rev 7120

* Fix crash when XYMSRV is undefined but XYMSERVERS is
* Fix error in calculating combo-status messages with
  forward references
* Fix error in disable-until-TIME or disable-until-OK code
* Fix documentation of DURATION in alerts.cfg / xymond_alert so
  it is consistenly listed as being in "minutes". 
* Permit explicit use of ">" and ">=" in alerts.cfg
* Permit building without the RRDtool libraries, e.g. for
  a network-tester build, but with trend-graphing disabled.
* Full compiler-warning cleanup
* Various configuration/build-script issues fixed.

Changes from 4.3.7 -> 4.3.8 (15 Jul 2012)
* rev 7082

* Workaround for DNS timeout handling, now fixed at approximately 25
* "hostinfo" command for xymond documented
* confreport only shows processes that are monitored
* analysis.cfg parsing of COLOR for UP rules was broken
* RRD handlers no longer crash after receiving 1 billion updates
* Using .netrc for authentication could crash xymonnet
* "directory" includes would report the wrong filename for missing
* useradm CGI would invoke htpassword twice
* "include" and "directory" now ignores trailing whitespace
* SSLv2 support disabled if SSL-library does not support it
* Minor bugfixes and cleanups of compiler warnings.

* Service status on info page now links to the detailed status page.
* Add RRDGRAPHOPTS setting to permit global user-specified RRD options,
  e.g. for font to showgraph CGI
* Add check for the size of public keys used in SSL certificates
  (enabled via --sslkeysize=N option for xymonnet)
* Optionally disable the display of SSL ciphers in the sslcert status
  (the --no-cipherlist option for xymonnet)
* Improved build-scripts works on newer systems with libraries in
  new and surprising places
* Reduce xymonnet memory usage and runtime for ping tests when there
  are multiple hosts.cfg entries with the same IP-address.
* Add code for inode-monitoring on Linux. Does not currently work on
  any other client platform.
* Added the ability to disable tests until a specific time, instead of
  for some interval. Disabling a test also now computes the expire time
  for the disable to happen at the next closest minute.

Changes from 4.3.6 -> 4.3.7 (13 Dec 2011)
* rev 6803
* Fix acknowledge CGI (broken in 4.3.6)
* Fix broken uptime calculation for systems reporting "1 day"
* Workaround Solaris breakage in the LFS-support detection
* Fix/add links to the HTML man-page index.
* Fix "Stop after" value not being shown on the "info" page.
* Fix broken alert texts when using FORMAT=SMS
* Fix wrong description of xymondboard CRITERIA in xymon(1)
* Fix missing columnname in analysis.cfg(5) DS example
* Fix missing space in output from disk IGNORE rules in
  xymond_client --dump-config
* Fix overwrite of xymon-apache.conf when upgrading
* Fix installation so it does not remove include/directory 
  lines from configuration files.
* Add client/local/ directory for custom client script

Changes from 4.3.5 -> 4.3.6 (5 Dec 2011)
* rev 6788
* Optionally choose the color for the "cpu" status when it goes
  non-green due to uptime or clock offset.
* Allow for "include" and "directory" in combo.cfg and protocols.cfg
* New INTERFACES definition in hosts.cfg to select which network
  interfaces are tracked in graphs.
* New access control mechanism for some CGI scripts returning 
  host-specific information. Access optionally checked against
  an Apache-style "group" file (see xymonwebaccess(5) CGI manpage).
* New "vertical" page-definitions (vpage, vsubpage,vsubparent)
  for listing hosts across and tests down on a page.
* Fix hostlist CGI crash when called with HTTP "HEAD"
* Fix svcstatus CGI crash when called with non-existing hostname
* Fix "ackinfo" updates being cleared when host hits a
  DOWNTIME period.
* Fix compile-errors on Solaris due to network libraries
  not being included.
* Fix "logrotate" messages not being sent to some channels.
* Fix problem with loading the hosts.cfg file.
* STATUSLIFETIME now provides the default time a status is valid (in xymond).
* Critical systems view: Use priority 99 for un-categorised priorities
  (imported from NK tags) and show this as 'No priority' on the webpage.
* useradm CGI: Sort usernames
* New xymond module - xymond_distribute - can forward
  administrative commands (drop, rename, disable, enable)
  from one Xymon server to another.
* New tool: appfeed CGI provides data for the Android "xymonQV" app 
  by Darrik Mazey.

Changes from 4.3.4 -> 4.3.5 (9 Sep 2011)
* rev 6754
* Fix crash in CGI generating the "info" status column.
* Fix broken handling of IGNORE for log-file analysis.
* Fix broken clean-up of obsolete cookies (no user impact).
* Devmon RRD handler: Fix missing initialisation, which
  might cause crashes of the RRD handler.
* Fix crashes in xymond caused by faulty new library for
  storing cookies and host-information.
* Fix memory corruption/crash in xymond caused by logging 
  of multi-source statuses.
* New "delayred" and "delayyellow" definitions for a host
  can be used to delay change to a yellow/red status for
  any status column (replaces the network-specific "badFOO"
* analysis.cfg and alerts.cfg: New DISPLAYGROUP setting to
  select hosts by the group/group-only/group-except text.
* New HOSTDOCURL setting in xymonserver.cfg. Replaces the
  xymongen "--docurl" and "--doccgi" options, and is used
  by all tools.
* xymond_history option to control location of PID file.
* Critical Systems view: Optionally show eventlog for the
  hosts present on the CS view.
* Critical Systems view: Multiple --config options can
  now be used, to display critical systems from multiple
  configurations on one page.
* Detailed status display: Speedup by no longer having to
  load the hosts.cfg file.
* xymongen and xymonnet: Optionally load the hosts.cfg
  from xymond instead of having to read the file.

Changes from 4.3.3 -> 4.3.4 (1 Aug 2011)
* rev 6722
* Fix crashes and data corruption in Xymon worker modules
  (xymond_client, xymond_rrd etc) after handling large
* Fix xymond lock-up when renaming/deleting hosts
* Fix xymond cookie lookup mechanism
* Webpages: Add new HOSTPOPUP setting to control what values from 
  hosts.cfg are displayed as a "comment" to the hostname (either 
  in pop-up's or next to the hostname).
* Fix xymond_client crash if analysis.cfg contains invalid configuration 
  entries, e.g. expressions that do not compile.
* Fix showgraph CGI crash when legends contain colon.
* xymonnet: Include hostname when reporting erroneous test-spec
* CGI utils: Multiple potential security fixes involving buffer-
  overruns when generating responses.
* CGI utils: Fix crash when invoked with HTTP "HEAD"
* CGI utils: Fix crashes on 64-bit platforms due to missing prototype
  of "basename()" function.
* svcstatus CGI: Dont crash if history log is not a file.
* Critical systems view CGI: Cross-site scripting fix
* Fix recovery-messages for alerts sent to a GROUP
* RRD "memory" status handler now recognizes the output from the
  bb-xsnmp.pl module (for Cisco routers).
* Web templates modified so the menu CSS can override the default
  body CSS.
* Acknowledge web page now allows selecting minutes/hours/days
* Enable/Disable webpage enhanced, so when selecting multiple hosts
  the "Tests" column only lists the tests those hosts have.

Changes from 4.3.2 -> 4.3.3 (6 May 2011)
* rev6684
* SECURITY FIX: Some CGI parameters were used to construct
  filenames of historical logfiles without being sanitized,
  so they could be abused to read files on the webserver.
* SECURITY FIX: More cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
* Remove extra "," before "History" button on status-view
* Critical view: Shring priority-column to 10% width
* hosts.cfg loader: Check for valid IP spec (nibbles in 
  0-255 range). Large numbers in a nibble were accepted,
  triggering problems when trying to ping the host.
* Alert macros no longer limited to 8kB

Changes from 4.3.1 -> 4.3.2 (4 Apr 2011)
* rev6672
* Web UI: Fix bug introduced with the 4.3.1 XSS fixes.

Changes from 4.3.0 -> 4.3.1 (3 Apr 2011)
* Web UI: SECURITY FIX - fix potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. 
  Initial report by David Ferrest (email April 1st 2011).
* Solaris Makefile: Drop guessing of what linker is being used, since we 
  get it wrong too often.
* configure: Add missing <string.h> include to fix compile failure on 
  some systems.
* get_ostype(): Check that we have a valid OS identifier. 
  Dont assume we can write to the string passed us.
* xymond user messages: Improve error message for oversize messages. 
  Document the MAXMSG_USER setting.
* combostatus: Make the set of error-colors configurable. Change default set so 
  BLUE and PURPLE are not considered errors (only RED is an error by default).
* xymon(1) manpage: Add missing description of some fields available in the 
  xymondboard command.
* hosts.cfg manpage: Fix wrong NOPROP interpretation. From Thomas Brand.
* Demotool: Change Hobbit->Xymon

Changes from 4.3.0 RC 1 -> 4.3.0 (4 Mar 2011)
* Critical view and other webpages: Make the 'All systems OK' message 
  configurable. Also allow the header/footer for the Critical Systems 
  view to be configurable.
  Suggestion and preliminary patch from Buchan Milne.
* xymonnet: Improve error report when HTTP tests get an empty response - 
  'HTTP error 0' sounds weird.
* report / snapshot CGI's: Fix buffer overrun in the HTML delimiter 
  generated in the "please wait..." message. Also, fix potential buffer 
  overrun in report CGI if invoked with a large value for the "style" 
  Reported by Rolf Biesbroek.
* Graph definitions (graphs.cfg): Multi graphs cannot use a regex pattern. 
  Problem report by Brian Majeska
* Solaris interface statistics: Filter out "mac" and "wrsmd" devices at
  the client side. 
  Update RRD handler to also filter "wrsmd" at the server side, like we 
  already did for "mac" devices. 
  Cf. http://www.xymon.com/archive/2009/06/msg00204.html
* Documentation: Document the XMH_* fields available in xymondboard commands.
* Documentation: Document SPLITNCV and "trends" methods of doing 
  custom graphs.
* RRD definitions: Allow override of --step/-s option for rrdcreate, 
  from template supplied in rrddefinitions.cfg. 
  Suggestion from Brian Majeska.
* mailack: Remove restriction on how long a subjectline/message body can be.
* Build procedure: Add notice about running upgrade script before 
  installing the new version.
* xymond_alert: Document --trace option
* Alerts: For recovery messages, add information so you can tell 
  whether the recovery was due to the service actually recovering, or 
  if it was merely disabled.
* xymond_alert: Fix missing element in array of alert status texts used 
  for tracing. 
  Spotted by Dominique Frise.
* Add support for FreeBSD v8 modified ifstat output
* Documentation: Update information about the Xymon mailing lists 
  following move to Mailman and new archive URL.
* HP/UX client: Use "swapinfo" to extract memory utilisation data, 
  instead of the hpux-meminfo utility. 
  By Earl Flack http://lists.xymon.com/pipermail/xymon/2010-December/030100.html

Changes from 4.3.0 beta 3 -> 4.3.0 RC 1 (23 Jan 2011)
* hosts.cfg badldap documentation: Document that for LDAP URL's you must 
  use 'badldapurl'. Reported by Simo Hmami.
* xymond flap detection: Make number of tracked status changes and the 
  flap-check period configurable. Change the defaults to trigger flapping 
  at more than 5 status changes in a 30 minute period.
* sendmessage: Enhanced error reporting, to help track down communication 
* xymond_client: Fix Windows SVC status handling to avoid coredumps, 
  memory corruption and other nasties. 
  Will now report the real name of the service, instead of the pattern used in 
  the analysis.cfg file.
  NOTE: Slight change to status message format.
* Client handler: Fix owner/user check parsing. Reported by Ian Marsh 
  http://www.xymon.com/archive/2011/01/msg00133.html (also broken in 4.2.3).
* xymongen: Fix broken --doc-window option handling. Reported by Tom Schmitt.
* Xymongen: Fix documentation of the --doc-window/--no-doc-window options.
* Webpage background: Use a CSS and a new set of gif's to implement a 
  background that works on all displays, regardless of width. Uses a new 
  xymonbody.css stylesheet which can also control some other aspects of the 
  webpage. From Francois Claire.
* Documentation: The xymon 'rename' command should be used AFTER renaming 
  a host in hosts.cfg, not before. From Tom Georgoulias.
* Memory status: Add some sanity checks for the memory utilisation reported 
  by clients. Occasionally we get completely bogus data from clients, so only 
  act on them if percentages do not exceed 100.
* Critical systems view: Add "--tooltips" option so you can save screen space 
  by hiding the host descriptions in a tooltip, like we do on the statically 
  generated pages. Feature request from Chris Morris.
* Solaris client: Report "swap -l" in addition to "swap -s" for swap usage. 
  Backend prefers output from "swap -l" when determining swap utilisation.
* Webpage menu: Use the CSS and GIF's by Malcolm Hunter - they are much nicer 
  than the ones from Debian. Distribute both the blue and the grey version, 
  and configure which one to use in xymonserver.cfg.
* Graph zoom: Use float variables when calculating the upper/lower limits 
  of the graph. Fixes vertical zoom.
* xymond: Make sure we do not perform socket operations on invalid sockets 
  (e.g. those from a scheduled task pseudo-connection)
* Installation: Remove any existing old commands before creating symlinks
* xymonproxy: Fix broken compatibility option '--bbdisplay'
* Fix eventlog summary/count enums so they dont clash with Solaris predefined 
* History- and hostdata-modules: Dont save data if there is less than 5% 
  free space on the filesystem. Also, dont save hostdata info more than 5 
  times per hour.
* Historical statuslog display: Work-around for crash when status-log is 
* fping.sh configure sub-script: Fix syntax error in suggested 'sudoers' 
  configuration, and point to the found fping binary. From Steff Coene.
* namematch routine: Fix broken matching when doing simple matching against 
  two strings where one was a subset of the other. 
  http://www.xymon.com/archive/2010/11/msg00177.html .  Reported by Elmar Heeb 
  who also provided a patch, although I chose a different solution to this.
* Xymon net: Fix broken compile when LDAP-checks are disabled. Reported by 
  Roland Soderstrom, fix from Ralph Mitchell.
* xymon(7) manpage: Drop notice that renaming in 4.3.0 is not complete
* Installation: Setup links for the commonly used Hobbit binaries 
  (bb, bbcmd, bbdigest, bbhostgrep, bbhostshow)
* Upgrade script: Setup symlinks for the old names of the standard webpages
* xymonserver.cfg.DIST: Missing end-quote in compatibility 
  BBSERVERSECURECGIURL setting. From Ralph Mitchell
* xymongrep: Fix broken commandline parsing resulting from trying to be 
  backwards-compatible. Reported by Jason Chambers.

Changes from 4.3.0 beta 2 -> 4.3.0 beta 3 (15 Nov 2010)

* Reflect the renaming of the project at Sourceforge
  in documentation, links etc.
* Any data going into graphs can now trigger a status to
  change color, if the value of the data is outside 
  thresholds. This can be used to e.g. trigger an alert
  if the response-time of a network test is longer than
  expected, even though the service is responding. Also
  works for custom tests that feed data into graphs.
  (see analysis.cfg "DS" definition). This uses a
  new xymond command, "modify".
* Clients can now use several modules to send "client"
  data to the Xymon server, all of which are passed to
  (specialised) client-data processors on the Xymon server.
* All tools for the "Critical Systems View" now have a
  "--config=FILENAME" option for which file to load
  the configuration from.

Configuration files:
* Document the "directory" include syntax
* Allow the "include" and "directory" definitions to be

* New "--no-nongreen" option for bbgen disables generating the
  "All Non-green" page, since this is not useful on large
* If xymongen cannot load the current status from xymond,
  abort updating of the webpages instead of generating
  a 100% green set of webpages.

* New "--source-ip=ADDRESS" option for xymonnet to
  set the default source IP used for network tests.
* HTTP tests now use the source-IP.
* New "--ping-tasks=N" option for xymonnet to split
  the ping-tests to multiple processes. Needed to speed
  up ping of large installations.
* Disable support for the old Big Brother syntax for
  HTTP proxies in web checks. Necessary to allow testing
  of URL's beginning with "http". If necessary, the old
  Big Brother compatible behaviour is enabled with the
  new "--bb-proxy-syntax" option for xymonnet.

* Rename "--bbdisplay" option to "--server".
* Drop support for sending data to Big Brother servers.
  This means that the Big Brother "page" messages will 
  no longer be relayed by bbproxy, so the "--bbpager" 
  and "--hobbitd" options have been removed.

msgcache / xymonfetch:
* Fix off-by-one bug when reading data. Could lead to
  data corruption, crashes and other nasty behaviour.
* Remove port-numbers from the "Message received from..."
  line so these don't show up as multi-source.

* Support for cron-style time specification, so tasks
  will run at specific times.

xymon tool:
* New "--response" option overrides auto-detection of 
  whether to expect a response back from the server.
* Support the new "usermsg" and "modify" commands.

hosts.cfg configuration settings:
* New "multihomed" option disables the multi-source detection
  for a host.

* Support multiple client-collector modules for each host.
* Detect when the same host receives updates from multiple source
  IP adresses. Usually indicates a misconfigured client reporting
  with the name of another server. May erroneously flag some 
  multi-homed hosts, so this check can be disabled with the
  "multihomed" flag in bb-hosts.
* Detect when a status is rapidly switching between to states.
  In that case, the most severe state is enforced until the
  flapping stops. Such flapping would lead to a huge number of
  status messages being stored as historical logs.
* Fix rare bug where missing status-log data could crash xymond.
* Fix small memory leak in processing "config" and "download" commands.

* New server-side tool to capture selected messages from a Xymon channel.

* New "--filter" option allows use of a regular expression to filter
  data being passed to the worker module based on the message
  summary line.

* Fix bug where very large client messages could result in
  the next message processed being corrupted. Typically, this
  would cause semi-random disk graphs to appear, or bogus
  alerts triggering.
* Test for filesystems running out of i-nodes. Currently only the 
  Linux client reports data for this.
* Test for any data going into graphs triggering a "modify" of
  a status if the value is outside limits.
* Mangle filenames with a colon (i.e. Windows filenames) when
  passing them to other status-messages, e.g. xymond_rrd.
* Detect/discard duplicated update-messages and discard them.

* The SAVESTATUSLOG setting can now select which status-logs to
  save as historical logs.

* Sample serverside module in Perl.

* Explicitly update access-times when updating RRD files on Linux,
  since the memory-mapped I/O on this platform does not modify
  timestamps, causing Xymon to consider all graphs stale.
* Detect/discard duplicated update-messages and discard them.
* New "--no-cache" option disables caching of RRD updates.
* SPLITNCV bug fixed.
* Support output from newer versions of the ntp.org "sntp" tool.

Top-changing hosts/statuses:
* Eventlog CGI application can now report the most changing

perfdata CGI:
* New "--page=REGEXP" option for selecting which hosts to include.

BBWin client:
* Fix clock offset calculation in cases where "epoch" time is 
  reported without a decimal part.

Linux client:
* lsb_release may be installed in /usr/bin

SCO Unixware client:
* New client

AIX client:
* Fix wrong data collected in graphs (RRD files) for AIX
  memory/swap utilisation.

Solaris client:
* Ignore "mac" interfaces in interface-statistics. These are
  physical interfaces aggregated into a multi-link virtual
  interface - statistics are collected for the virtual interface.

* New collector module and sub-client.

CGI applications:
* New XYMONCGILOGDIR setting in xymonserver.cfg sets a
  directory where CGI debug output is stored.

BEA/NetApp/Database add-on:
* Server side updated to hobbit-perl-cl ver. 1.21. Among
  other things, this means that Tablespace utilisation is
  now graphed.

Devmon add-on:
* Server side updated to current version.

Changes from 4.3.0 beta 1 -> 4.3.0 beta 2 (24 Apr 2009)
* New "--shuffle" option for bbtest-net to run network tests
  in a random order.
* Client startup script now exports important environment variables,
  so they are actually used in systems with a traditional shell.
* hobbitlaunch no longer crashes if there are no tasks
* Client configure script includes librt for clock_gettime()
* New client support for mainframes: z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE
* Enhanced eventlog and top-changing hosts webpages.
* Revert debian package pathnames back to use "hobbit", so
  updates from 4.2.x will actually work.
* Ghostlist options in hobbitcgi.cfg had no effect because
  of typo in setting name.
* "data" messages could crash hobbitd.
* Debug output from hobbitd_channel now logs only the relevant
  data instead of the full message.
* trimhistory now informs the history module to re-open the
  "allevents" file after trimming it.
* devmon template fix
* New "rrdcachectl" utility included.
* Fixed sorting routine (affected holiday list and others)
* Fix generic crash in communications module between Xymon
  programs, where an empty response message would crash caller.

Changes from 4.2.3 -> 4.3.0 beta 1 (09 Feb 2009)
Core changes:
* New API's for loadhosts and sendmessage, in preparation for
  the full 5.0 changes.
* Always use getcurrenttime() instead of time().
* Support for defining holidays as non-working days in alerts and
  SLA calculations.
* Hosts which appear on multiple pages in the web display can
  use any page they are on in the alerting rules and elsewhere.
* Worker modules (RRD, client-data parsers etc) can operate on
  remote hosts from the hobbitd daemon, for load-sharing.
* Various bugfixes collected over time.

Network test changes:
* Merged new network tests from trunk: SOAP-over-HTTP,
  SSL minimum cipher strength
* Changed network test code to always report a validity period
  for network tests, so it it possible to run network tests less
  often than every 30 minutes (e.g. once an hour).
* Make the content-type setting in HTTP POST tests configurable.
* Make the source-address used for TCP tests configurable.
* Make the acceptable HTTP result codes configurable.
* Use and save HTTP session cookies.

Web changes
* Support generic drop-down lists in templates.
* "NOCOLUMNS" changed to work for all columns.
* New "group-sorted" definition to auto-sort hosts in a group
* Use browser tooltips for host comments
* "Compact" status allows several statuses to appear as a single
  status on the overview webpages.
* Trends page can select the time period to show. Buttons provided
  for the common selections.
* Ghost list report now lists possible candidates for a ghost, 
  based on IP-address or unqualified hostname.

Report changes
* Number of outages as SLA parameter

* hobbitlaunch support for running tasks only on certain hosts,
  and for a maximum time.
* Alert script get a unique ID for each alert.

Changes from 4.2.2 -> 4.2.3 (09 Feb 2008)
* Time-out code changed to use clock_gettime() with CLOCK_MONOTONIC
* Bugfix for hobbitd/hobbitd_worker communication going out-of-sync
  resulting in "garbled data" being logged and worker modules 
* NCV module now works with negative numbers.
* Several bugfixes in DNS lookup code - could lead to crashes when
  performing DNS tests.
* Switch to C-ARES 1.6.0 - drop support for older versions.
* Run more TCP tests in parallel by not waiting for very slow
  connections to complete before starting new ones.
* Added "hostlist" web utility for spreadsheet-reporting of the
  hosts in Hobbit.

Changes from 4.2.0 -> 4.2.2 (01 Dec 2008)

Changelog extracted from Subversion.

r5935 | storner | 2008-11-26 12:57:11 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.0 (from /trunk:5040)

Create branch for maintenance of the 4.2.x release.

r5936 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:13:50 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/common/bb-hosts.5

The ability to set a DOWNTIME for an individual test was mentioned in the Changes file, but not documented in the bb-hosts man-page.

r5937 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:14:48 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.c

The hobbitd_client program would crash when running in test-mode, i.e. launched with the --test option to test disk-, procs- and ports-settings. This only applies to running it in test-mode, normal operation is not affected.

r5938 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:15:40 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/headfoot.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-datepage.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-eventlog.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-findhost.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-rep.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-snapshot.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-enadis.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-nkedit.c

Some of the web page would generate an extra line with "Content-type: text/html" at the top of the webpage, although this would most often be hidden by the menubar.

r5939 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:16:21 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/runclient.sh

Using extra options with the client-side "runclient.sh" script when performing a restart command fails to pass the extra options to the final command. 

r5940 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:17:12 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitfetch.c

hobbitfetch insisted that hosts must have a valid IP-adress in bb-hosts. This causes problems for hosts with dynamic IP-adresses. This patch causes hobbitfetch to lookup the IP-address at run-time if the IP is listed as "".

r5941 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:20:44 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-confreport.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitsvc-info.c

Hostname filtering on the info column page is broken, if you have multiple hosts with similar names, resulting in the same columns showing up multiple times in the disable section. A similar problem affects host filtering in the configuration report tool.

r5942 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:21:27 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/hobbitclient-sunos.sh

The Solaris client would not collect the "top" process-listing data which is normally included in the data on the "cpu" column.

r5943 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:25:28 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/build/bb-commands.sh
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/hobbitclient-sunos.sh

The Solaris lofs (loopback filesystem) should not be included in the df output appearing on the Disk status.
r5944 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:29:56 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/cgi.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/cgi.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-ack.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-datepage.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-confreport.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-enadis.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-hostgraphs.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-statusreport.c

Cookie handling does not always work. This results in hosts not showing up on the new acknowledgment page, or hosts missing from the Metrics report.
r5945 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:30:31 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/bbgen.h

Hobbit 4.2.0 fails to build on some OS X releases due to a naming conflict between a system-defined datatype, and a different datatype defined in Hobbit.
r5946 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:31:41 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/zoom.js
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/hobbitrrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/hobbitrrd.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/htmllog.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitgraph.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitsvc-trends.c

When viewing detailed graphs linked from the detailed status page, the background color of the webpages would always show green, regardless of the actual color of the status it was linked from. This patch keeps the background color at what the status page shows.
r5947 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:32:55 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/confreport_front
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/wwwfiles/menu/menu_items.js.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/Makefile
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-confreport.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-confreport.cgi.1

The Configuration Report did not include information about what systems appears on the "Critical Systems" view.
r5948 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:33:43 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitsvc-info.c

The info-column page for hosts with an IP-address of - i.e. a dynamic or unknown IP - often fails to work because of a buffer overflow when printing the real IP address of the host.
r5949 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:34:23 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/do_alert.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_alert.c

The hobbitd_alert module is leaking memory each time it sends out an alert, or whenever a status recovers and is removed from the list of active alerts.
r5950 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:35:03 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/cgi.c

Relaying of Hobbit status messages through HTTP via bbmessage.cgi was broken.
r5951 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:37:00 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/hobbitnk_footer
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-nkview.c

Let the Critical Systems view include Purple statuses as an option
r5952 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:38:04 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/Makefile
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/color.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/timefunc.c

Avoid use of strtok_r in client code, since this may not exist on all platforms
r5953 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:39:35 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/rrd/do_ncv.c

The NCV custom graphs module would mistakenly include text from lines with no data into the name of the next dataset. Apply this patch. Note that any existing RRD files affected by this bug must be deleted, since this changes the names of the datasets inside the RRD files.
r5954 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:40:32 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/msgcache.c

The msgcache utility used on some clients could lock up and/or crash if multiple connections to the program were active at the same time. Thanks to Rolf Masfelder for spotting it.
r5955 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:41:13 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/client_config.c

The hobbitd_client module handling status reports from Hobbit clients could crash while processing the disk status.
r5956 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:42:04 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.c

The logfile status display could be corrupted if the logs contained HTML tags. This patch wraps the logfile texts in a pre-formatted HTML sequence.
r5957 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:42:49 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/bbgen.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/loadbbhosts.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/loadbbhosts.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/loaddata.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/pagegen.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbnet/bbtest-net.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbnet/bbtest-net.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/headfoot.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/loadhosts.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/loadhosts.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/loadhosts_file.c

The modembank-testing feature has been broken for a couple of releases. This patch removes this dead code.
r5958 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:43:31 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/logfetch.c

The client-side logfetch utility has been enhanced to support multiple ignore and trigger patterns.
r5959 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:44:28 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/info_header
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitsvc-info.c

The info page disable function has been enhanced in two ways: A separate status summmary shows the current color of all statuses, and lets you easily pick all red/yellow/purple tests to disable them. Also, the status names in the disable listbox now shows the current color of the status. This enhancement was based on code from Michael Nagel.
r5960 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:45:38 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/Makefile
   A /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/convertnk.c

A new convertnk utility has been added to convert the old NK tags in bb-hosts to the new Critical Systems view configuration file.
r5961 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:46:32 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/configure.server

The configuration script would allow you to enter a blank value for the webserver group-ID, causing installation to fail later. This patch changes the configuration script to require a value for this setting.
r5962 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:47:38 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/hobbitclient-aix.sh
   M /branches/4.2.0/client/hobbitclient-darwin.sh

AIX and Darwin clients: Show routing entries using IP-address, not hostnames
r5963 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:49:04 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/timefunc.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/bb-ack.c

The acknowledgment webpage requires you to enter the acknowledgment duration in minutes. This patch lets you enter the duration as "2d" or "4h30m" for an easier way of setting the duration.
r5964 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:50:35 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbnet/httptest.c

Include port-number in HTTP "Host" header if it is not standard
r5965 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:51:57 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/stackio.c

Do not crash if a configuration Include directory is empty
r5966 | storner | 2008-11-26 13:52:58 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/bbdisplay/loadbbhosts.c

The bbgen tool which creates the Hobbit webpages might crash if certain noprop settings were used.
r5967 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:02:51 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-confreport-critical.sh.DIST

Missed this file in previous commit.

r5968 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:04:25 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/notify_footer
   A /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/notify_form
   A /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/webfiles/notify_header
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/wwwfiles/menu/menu_items.js.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.0/include/libbbgen.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/Makefile
   A /branches/4.2.0/lib/notifylog.c
   A /branches/4.2.0/lib/notifylog.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/Makefile
   A /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-notifylog.c
   A /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbit-notifylog.sh.DIST

A utility for viewing the notifications log has been added.
r5969 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:38:26 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_buffer.c
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_buffer.h
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd_ipc.c

The Hobbit daemon now has a "user channel" that may be used to send custom messages through Hobbit.
r5970 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:45:50 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/lib/Makefile
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/Makefile

Cleanup merge errors from allinone patch
r5971 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:47:08 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd.c

Do not hang when reading from socket
r5972 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:48:02 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/hobbitd/hobbitd.c

Make sure there is space for Line-1 in message sent to workers
r5973 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:48:45 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.0/web/hobbitgraph.c

Hostnames used in URL must be URL-encoded
r5974 | storner | 2008-11-26 14:51:47 +0100 (Wed, 26 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.2 (from /branches/4.2.0:5973)

New branch off the 4.2.0 + allinone patch for a 4.2.2 release.

r5975 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:07:05 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/build/updmanver

Adjusted to work with SVN

r5976 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:12:12 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/CREDITS
   M /branches/4.2.2/README
   M /branches/4.2.2/README.CLIENT
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbdisplay/bbgen.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bb-services.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbretest-net.sh.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbtest-net.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/hobbitping.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbmessage.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbproxy.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/build/makedeb.sh
   M /branches/4.2.2/build/makehtml.sh
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb-hosts.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbcmd.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbdigest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostgrep.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostshow.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientupdate.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbit.7
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitclient.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitserver.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/logfetch.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/msgcache.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/orcahobbit.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure.client
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure.server
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/changelog
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/control
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit-client.init
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit-client.postinst
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit-client.preinst
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.conffiles
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.config
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.logrotate
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.postinst
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.preinst
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/rules
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/about.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/bb-to-hobbit.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/criticalsystems.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/hobbit-alerts.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/hobbit-config.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/hobbit-mrtg.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/howtograph.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/install.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/known-issues.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/docs/man-index.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client-local.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/bb-hosts.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/client-local.cfg
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/columndoc.csv
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbit-apache-open.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbit-apache-secure.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbit-clients.cfg
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitcgi.cfg.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitlaunch.cfg.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitserver.cfg.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-alerts.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-clients.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-mailack.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_alert.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_channel.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_filestore.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_history.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_hostdata.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_rrd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_sample.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitfetch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitweb.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/trimhistory.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/acknowledge_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bb2_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bb_footer
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bb_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbnk_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbrep_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnap2_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnap_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnapnk_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/columndoc_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/confreport_front
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/confreport_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/event_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/findhost_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/ghosts_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/graphs_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hist_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/histlog_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hobbitnk_footer
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hobbitnk_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hostgraphs_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hostsvc_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/info_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/maint_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/maintact_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/nkedit_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/notify_footer
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/notify_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/replog_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_form
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_form_daily
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_form_monthly
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_form_weekly
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/snapshot_form
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/snapshot_header
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/zoom.js
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/wwwfiles/menu/menu_items.js.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/rpm/hobbit.spec
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-ack.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-csvinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-datepage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-eventlog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-findhost.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-hist.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-rep.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-replog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-snapshot.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-webpage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ackinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-confreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-enadis.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ghosts.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-hostgraphs.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkedit.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-statusreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitcgi.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitsvc.cgi.1

Documentation etc. updates for renaming project to Xymon.

r5977 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:13:45 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/hobbit.init

Add standard stanza for daemon init scripts.

r5978 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:23:39 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.2/common/xymon.7 (from /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbit.7:5976)

Rename "hobbit.7" to "xymon.7" as part of project rename

r5979 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:24:24 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client/bbwin.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client_config.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client_config.h
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_disk.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_ifstat.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_netstat.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_vmstat.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/misc.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/misc.h

Add support for BBWin in centralized mode.

r5980 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:25:03 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   D /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbit.7

Renamed to xymon.7

r5981 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:27:10 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/xymon.7

Actually updated the contents of the file for the Xymon rename.

r5982 | storner | 2008-11-27 14:31:18 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/RELEASENOTES

Modified notes for 4.2.2.

r5983 | storner | 2008-11-27 15:07:06 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.c

Drop the BEA and BIND statistics - they never really worked.

r5984 | storner | 2008-11-27 15:10:26 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbdisplay/bbgen.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bb-services.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbretest-net.sh.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbtest-net.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/hobbitping.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbmessage.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbproxy.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb-hosts.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbcmd.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbdigest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostgrep.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostshow.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientupdate.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitclient.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitserver.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/logfetch.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/msgcache.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/orcahobbit.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/xymon.7
   M /branches/4.2.2/debian/changelog
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client-local.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-alerts.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-clients.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-mailack.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_alert.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_channel.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_filestore.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_history.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_hostdata.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_rrd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_sample.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitfetch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitweb.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/trimhistory.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/include/version.h
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-ack.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-csvinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-datepage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-eventlog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-findhost.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-hist.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-rep.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-replog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-snapshot.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-webpage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ackinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-confreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-enadis.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ghosts.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-hostgraphs.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkedit.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-statusreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitcgi.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitsvc.cgi.1

Bump version number to 4.2.2
r5985 | storner | 2008-11-27 15:34:16 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.2/debian/default

debian/default had not been checked into SVN.

r5987 | storner | 2008-11-27 22:40:08 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/build/Makefile.rules

Dont try to clean the optional directories
r5988 | storner | 2008-11-27 22:42:45 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-confreport.c

Fix Config Report (Critical) to work when hosts are in nkview.cfg but have no NK tags in bb-hosts. From Mandriva sources.
r5989 | storner | 2008-11-27 22:59:07 +0100 (Thu, 27 Nov 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_trends.c

"trends" RRD support from http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/2007/01/msg00236.html

r5990 | storner | 2008-11-28 07:43:02 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/build/test-ldap.c

Build properly with new OpenLDAP API by using deprecated functions.
r5991 | storner | 2008-11-28 07:44:53 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/contest.c

Debian bug #503111: Dont crash on long-living SSL certs.
r5992 | storner | 2008-11-28 07:47:24 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/htmllog.c

Old BB clients do not send in the "df" header line, so adjust linecount accordingly. From Debian patches for 4.2.0.dfsg-14lenny2.

r5993 | storner | 2008-11-28 10:18:41 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/url.c

The BB proxy-syntax could not handle https target URLs. From Debian.
r5995 | storner | 2008-11-28 10:27:42 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/ldaptest.h

Build properly with new OpenLDAP API by using deprecated functions (missed ldaptest.h in previous commit)
r5996 | storner | 2008-11-28 11:55:16 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.h
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_rrd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_rrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_ncv.c

Split-NCV and TRACKMAX support from Charles Goyard (ref: http://www.hobbitmon.com/hobbiton/2007/03/msg00368.html). Taken from the Debian patchset.

r5997 | storner | 2008-11-28 19:19:10 +0100 (Fri, 28 Nov 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/client/hobbitclient-linux.sh

Fix for SuSE being ridiculous with their naming scheme.

r5998 | storner | 2008-12-01 10:54:58 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/htmllog.c

Dont count lines if there is already a "linecount" HTML comment.

r5999 | storner | 2008-12-01 10:58:09 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitgraph.cfg
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitserver.cfg.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_filestore.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_beastat.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_dbcheck.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_disk.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_fd_lib.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_la.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_netapp.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/htmllog.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitsvc.c

Merge hobbit-perl-client v1.15 server-side patches by Francesco Duranti
r6000 | storner | 2008-12-01 11:53:35 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_rrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/etcfiles/hobbitserver.cfg.DIST
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_filestore.c
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_devmon.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/hobbitrrd.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/htmllog.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitsvc.c

Merged server-side patch for Devmon 0.3.0
r6001 | storner | 2008-12-01 12:36:53 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/Changes
   M /branches/4.2.2/RELEASENOTES

Updated to list changes from 4.2.0 to 4.2.2
r6002 | storner | 2008-12-01 12:53:04 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_devmon.c

DEVMON: Updated with current TRUNK (r90) to fix segfault
r6007 | storner | 2008-12-01 21:29:05 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/hobbitping.c

Dont loop indefinitely if we cannot send an ICMP message (backport r5641 from trunk)
r6008 | storner | 2008-12-01 21:38:26 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure.client
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure.server

User information on Darwin queried via dscl instead of nireport, for Leopard support
r6011 | storner | 2008-12-01 22:10:40 +0100 (Mon, 01 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/do_alert.c

Limit size of alert status-texts sent to a script to 4 KB. http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/2008/01/msg00015.html

r6012 | storner | 2008-12-03 07:27:11 +0100 (Wed, 03 Dec 2008) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/acklog.c

Alan Sparks noticed a 64-bit integer conversion problem resulting in strange data going into the acknowledgment logs. Patch from http://www.hobbitmon.com/hobbiton/2008/09/msg00038.html

Backported from trunk r5815.

r6013 | storner | 2008-12-03 07:39:43 +0100 (Wed, 03 Dec 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/dns.c
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/dns2.c

Prepare bbtest-net for use of later versions of C-ARES. This way they can just be dropped in.
Re-do the timeout code for DNS lookups so we'll always wait the full period for DNS timeouts to happen.

r6014 | storner | 2008-12-04 12:50:05 +0100 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_disk.c

Compiler warning fix

r6015 | storner | 2008-12-04 12:54:11 +0100 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008) | 6 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/rrd/do_ncv.c

Several fixes from Graham Nayler:
- Recognize signed numbers as values.
- Dont index with -1 in dsname[outidx-1] (if DS name begins with non-alphanum)
- Memory leak in split-NCV mode
- Skip past any &COLOR text (backported from trunk)

r6016 | storner | 2008-12-04 13:02:54 +0100 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client/bbwin.c

Fix parsing of [clock] section when the epoch reported does not contain a microsecond part.

r6017 | storner | 2008-12-04 13:32:54 +0100 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/loadalerts.c

Fix broken handling of what duration to print on the alert-info webpage.

r6019 | storner | 2008-12-04 13:45:03 +0100 (Thu, 04 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/lib/loadalerts.c

Wrong initialization for maxdur
r6021 | storner | 2008-12-05 12:58:37 +0100 (Fri, 05 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/acknowledge_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bb2_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbnk_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbrep_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnap2_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnap_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/bbsnapnk_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/columndoc_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/event_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/findhost_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/ghosts_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/graphs_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hist_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/histlog_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hostgraphs_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/hostsvc_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/info_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/maint_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/maintact_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/nkedit_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/replog_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/report_footer
   A /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/webfiles/snapshot_footer

Added missing footer-file symlinks
r6022 | storner | 2008-12-08 13:10:29 +0100 (Mon, 08 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.c

In testmode, dont strip newlines from logfile input

r6023 | storner | 2008-12-08 13:13:09 +0100 (Mon, 08 Dec 2008) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client_config.c

Add more debugging to the log-matching code.
Make the use/ignore test in the logmatching more intuitively correct.

r6024 | storner | 2008-12-11 21:48:11 +0100 (Thu, 11 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure

Make all shell-scripts used during the build be executable.

r6025 | storner | 2008-12-12 10:46:46 +0100 (Fri, 12 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/configure.server

Typo - xmon/xymon. Stef Coene noticed.
r6026 | storner | 2008-12-15 13:57:54 +0100 (Mon, 15 Dec 2008) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbdisplay/bbgen.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bb-services.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbretest-net.sh.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/bbtest-net.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbnet/hobbitping.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbmessage.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/bbproxy/bbproxy.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb-hosts.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bb.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbcmd.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbdigest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostgrep.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/bbhostshow.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/clientupdate.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitclient.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitlaunch.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/hobbitserver.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/logfetch.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/msgcache.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/orcahobbit.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/common/xymon.7
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-ack.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-csvinfo.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-datepage.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-eventlog.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-findhost.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-hist.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-rep.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-replog.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-snapshot.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb-webpage.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bb.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbcmd.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbcombotest.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbdigest.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbgen.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbhostgrep.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbhostshow.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbretest-net.sh.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/bbtest-net.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/clientupdate.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-ackinfo.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-confreport.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-ghosts.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-hostgraphs.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-nkedit.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-nkview.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbit-statusreport.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbitgraph.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbitping.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/hobbitsvc.cgi.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/logfetch.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man1/orcahobbit.1.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/bb-hosts.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/bb-services.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/bbcombotest.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/client-local.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/clientlaunch.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbit-alerts.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbit-clients.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbit-nkview.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitcgi.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitclient.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitgraph.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitlaunch.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitserver.cfg.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man5/hobbitweb.5.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man7
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man7/xymon.7.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/bbmessage.cgi.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/bbproxy.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbit-enadis.cgi.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbit-mailack.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_alert.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_channel.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_client.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_filestore.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_history.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_hostdata.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_rrd.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitd_sample.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitfetch.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/hobbitlaunch.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/msgcache.8.html
   A /branches/4.2.2/docs/manpages/man8/trimhistory.8.html
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/bbcombotest.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/client-local.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-alerts.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-clients.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbit-mailack.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_alert.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_channel.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_client.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_filestore.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_history.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_hostdata.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_rrd.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitd_sample.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitfetch.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/hobbitweb.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/hobbitd/trimhistory.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-ack.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-csvinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-datepage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-eventlog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-findhost.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-hist.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-rep.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-replog.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-snapshot.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/bb-webpage.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ackinfo.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-confreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-enadis.cgi.8
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-ghosts.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-hostgraphs.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkedit.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-nkview.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbit-statusreport.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitcgi.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cfg.5
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitgraph.cgi.1
   M /branches/4.2.2/web/hobbitsvc.cgi.1

Update man-page version number and HTML versions of man-pages
r6027 | storner | 2008-12-15 14:08:28 +0100 (Mon, 15 Dec 2008) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /branches/4.2.2/client/netbsd-meminfo.c

Use 64-bit numbers for memory-info, so >2 GB systems are handled correctly. From Tracy Di Marco White.


Changes from 4.1.2p1 -> 4.2 (10 Aug 2006)
New features:
* A major overhaul of the "Critical Systems" (NK) webpage.
  A new hobbit-nkview CGI has been added, allowing much more
  flexible handling of the NK alerts. This allows the 24x7
  monitoring staff to group alerts by priority, filter out
  acknowledged alerts that have been delegated to resolver 
  groups, to permanently enable or disable a status to
  appear on their monitoring console when a system goes
  into or is taken out of production, and also provides
  direct acces to special instructions for the monitoring
  To accomodate all of these new configuration items, a
  separate "Critical Systems Configuration" file is
  introduced, which is separate from the bb-hosts file.
  A web-based configuration tool - the "hobbit-nkedit" CGI - 
  is also provided, allowing the monitoring operations staff 
  to control what systems appear and how their monitoring is 
  Since hobbit-nkview is a CGI script, the Critical Systems
  page will now always show a completely up-to-date version
  of the Hobbit systems status.
* The Hobbit client will now report logfile data as part of
  the client data. Which logfiles to monitor and how much
  data to send is configured centrally on the Hobbit server,
  and automatically transmitted to the client when it contacts
  the Hobbit server. See the logfetch(1) man-page for details.
  Apart from size limitations, the logfile data is not filtered
  by the client.
* Two new tools - hobbitfetch and msgcache - can be used to
  implement a "pull" style of clients, which may be useful if
  you have systems that cannot make network connections to the
  Hobbit server to deliver their data. See the hobbitfetch(8)
  man-page for details.
* Disabling a status can now be done until the status goes to
  an OK state.
* A "bulletin_header" or "bulletin_footer" file can now be created
  in the ~hobbit/server/web/ direectory. This will automatically
  get added to the header or footer of all webpages.
* All configuration files now support the use of "include"
  statements to split the configuration into several files.
* All configuration files now support the statement "directory
  DIRNAME"; this causes all normal files in this directory and
  below to be included as part of the configuration file. Note
  that the sequence of files being included in this way is not
* An acknowledgment sent to Hobbit is only deleted after the
  status has been OK for a while (12 minutes). This allows
  a status to be acknowledged, then briefly go OK but return
  to critical shortly after, without resetting the alert timers.
* A new "files" status column uses data from the client to
  monitor file- and directory attributes and sizes. This can
  be fed into graphs, so you can track the sizes of individual
  files or directories.
* A new "ports" status column uses data from the client to
  monitor network ports. This can be fed into graphs, so you
  can track the number of connections to a given service,
  from a specific IP-address, or in a particular state.
  This is based on code provided by Mirko Saam.
* The Hobbit clients now report network interface statistics.
  This allows for Hobbit to track network utilisation, like
  MRTG does. Note that due to limitations in many client 
  operating systems, and the fact that Hobbit only records
  network statistics every 5 minutes, this is currently 
  limited to approximately 100 Mbit/sec interfaces (Fast
  Ethernet). Gigabit interfaces are not handled correctly
  and will show up with much smaller bandwidth usage than
  what they actually do use.
* When a host status goes critical, any client data from the
  host is saved. This allows detailed analysis of the host
  status just prior to a critical event happening, which
  can be helpful for troubleshooting.

* All of the core programs have been profiled to identify 
  performance bottlenecks. Several optimizations have been
  implemented; these are definitely noticable when Hobbit is
  used in large installations (more than 100 hosts). The 
  most noticable effects is a drop of 25-40% in hobbitd
  CPU utilisation, a 50% drop in CPU utilisation of the
  hobbitd_client module, and a huge speedup in the 
  hobbit-enadis CGI program.
* DOWNTIME can now be applied to individual tests, and
  you can specify a text explaining why the service is
  down. The new format in the bb-hosts file is:
  If you have more than one service that you want to set
  the downtime for, "column" can be "*" to match all
  services, or you can define multiple downtime-settings:
  "DOWNTIME=http,ftp:*:0300:0315:CMS update;*:0:0200:0210:Reboot"
* Status changes that happen during DOWNTIME periods do not
  update the last-status-change timestamp in hobbitd. Hence
  a service that was red before the start of DOWNTIME and
  stays red during downtime will not appear to be changed
  recently - so it wont reappear on the NK view when using
  time-based filters.
* A new hobbit-statusreport CGI has been added. This CGI can
  generate an HTML report of all hosts with a given status
  column, e.g. all SSL certificates. By using filters, you
  can pick out those hosts where e.g. the status is non-green.
  A sample hobbit-certreport.sh script is included that uses
  this CGI to generate a report of all SSL certificates which
  are about to expire, i.e. have a red or yellow status.
* When using alerts with FORMAT=SMS, the text will now clearly
  show when the status has RECOVERED.
* The hobbitsvc CGI no longer needs to load the bb-hosts file
  to get information about the hosts' IP-address and display-
  name. Instead, it gets them from hobbitd as part of the
  normal request to get the current status. This avoids a
  lot of file I/O when looking at the detailed status page.
* You can now explicitly choose which colors cause a status to
  appear on the BB2 page, via the "--bb2-colors=COLOR,COLOR"
  option to bbgen.
* When zooming a graph, the legend now states the period 
  that the graph covers.
* bb-findhost now includes JavaScript code to make input
  focus go to the input field immediately.
* SSH testing now sends an SSH version string. This should
  eliminate some logwarnings (note: requires updating of the
  bb-services file).
* All BLUE status handling is now done by hobbitd. As a result,
  the detailed status shown while a status is BLUE will include
  the original status message color in the status text, even
  though the status will show up as blue.
* bbhostgrep now support a "--no-down" option to omit hosts
  that are currently known to be down. This is determined by
  the current "conn" status.
* The hobbit-mailack tool now recognizes ACK codes if given
  as a line "ack NUMBER" inside the mail body. Also, the
  duration of the acknowledge can be given through a
  "delay MINUTES" line in the message body.
* The hobbitd client module can now run in a "local" mode,
  allowing for configurations to be maintained on individual
* Historical status logs generated by planned downtime
  settings now include a notice in the stored status log that
  the status was blue due to planned downtime.
* For the NCV RRD handler, you can now set all datasets to
  a specific type by listing them as "NCV_foo=*:GAUGE".
* The "bbdigest" utility no longer uses the OpenSSL library,
  and has been included in the client installation.
* The "procs" (and "msgs" and "ports") status messages can 
  now be configured to show an understandable legend for each
  of the checks, instead of the incomprehensible regular 
  expression used to match the process listing.
* Individual proces counts (matched through a PROC entry in 
  hobbit-clients.cfg) can be tracked in a graph.
* The event-log report can now select hosts based on the page
  they are on.

* The hobbitreports.sh script would calculate the wrong year 
  and week-number for the end-of-year weekly reports.
* hobbitd_client ignored qualifiers for individual rules.
* The "query" command would return the wrong color for a
  disabled test.
* The ncv handler would fail on input lines that had extra
  text after the value, e.g. "Temp: 23 degrees".
* Memory reports from Mac OS X (Darwin) clients were ignored.

* The "NK" and "NKTIME" tags in the bb-hosts file have been
  deprecated with the introduction of the hobbit-nkview
  CGI. Similarly, the static NK webpage generated from these
  tags is now deprecated. They will continue to work for some
  time, but support for these will be removed in a future
  release of Hobbit.
* The acknowledgment system has been redesigned, to allow 
  for acks to happen at multiple levels of operation. E.g.
  the 24x7 monitoring staff may acknowledge an alert after
  raising a trouble-ticket, and a technician may acknowledge
  the same alert when responding to the ticket. This is
  currently used only by the new Critical Systems page,
  but a future release will use this for more advanced
  handling of alerts.
* The HTML "Content-type" generated by the Hobbit CGI's can
  be configured through the HTMLCONTENTTYPE setting. This
  may be useful for sites where documentation embedded in
  the Hobbit webpages is in a different character-set, e.g.
  UTF-8 or Japanese.

Changes from 4.1.2p1 -> 4.1.2p2 (02 Aug 2006)
* [SECURITY] "config" commands would allow remote reading
  of any file accessible by the hobbit user.
* Hosts were showing up twice on alternate pageset pages
* Several programs would crash if a configuration file 
  had a newline at exactly 4 KB offset into the file
* Possible segfault in bbgen due to uninitialised variable.
* Malformed history files could cause errors in reporting.
* "query" of a disabled status would report the wrong color.

Changes from 4.1.2 -> 4.1.2p1 (10 Nov 2005)
* hobbitd could crash when processing a "combo" message,
  due to an incorrect test of the color of one message inside
  the combo-message before that color was actually deciphered.
* hobbitd_alert would crash when attempting to save a checkpoint
  while cleaning up a "dead" alert.
* Disk graphs would show up with all graphs in a single image,
  when the status message included any colored icons
  (typically, when the status was red or yellow).
* The handling of alerts was counting the duration of an event
  based on when the color last changed. This meant that each
  time the color changed, any DURATION counters were reset.
  This would cause alerts to not go out if a status was changing
  between yellow and red faster than any DURATION setting.
  Changed this to count the event start as the *first* time the
  status went into an alert state (yellow or red, usually).
* An idle hobbitd process would accumulate zombie processes.

* When a status goes yellow->red, the repeat-interval is
  now cleared for any alerts. This makes sure you get an
  alert immediately for the most severe state seen. This
  only affects the first such transition; if the status
  later changes between yellow/red, this normal REPEAT
  interval applies.

Changes from 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2 (11 Oct 2005)

NOTE: If you are upgrading from 4.1.1, you MUST change the
      ~hobbit/server/etc/hobbit-clients.cfg file and add a
      line with the text "DEFAULT" before the default settings
      in the file.

Post-RC1 fixes:
* Linux client now runs ps with "-w" to get more of the
  command line.
* Disk status reports from clients are now processed with
  sed to make sure each mounted filesystem appears on a
  single line.
* A missing "req." text in the "procs" status report was
* Web checks now recognize status "100" as OK.
* All of the build scripts using "head -1" now use the
  POSIX'ly correct "head -n 1" instead.
* Documentation update: We do have a client now; the
  hobbit-clients.cfg man-page was added.

* The hobbit module handling client reports had several bugs
  in the way it interpreted the hobbit-clients.cfg file. These
  were fixed, but this necessitated that the default settings
  are explicitly flagged with a "DEFAULT" line.
* When multiple recipients of an alert had different minimum
  duration and/or repeat-settings, they would mostly use only
  the settings for the first recipient.
* The alert module could continue sending alerts even though
  the rules in hobbit-alerts.cfg that triggered the alert had
  been modified.
* The hobbitd daemon would leak memory when responding to a
  "query" request. In extreme circumstances, it could also
* The hobbitd_alert module could leak tiny amounts of memory.
* The default timeouts on the server- and client-side have 
  been increased to allow some more time to send in status
  messages. Because of Hobbit's more agressive use of "combo"
  messages and larger amounts of data, it could timeout
  prematurely on busy servers.
* Hosts flagged with "nobb2" no longer appear in the acknowledge
  log on the BB2 page.
* The size of the shared-memory buffers used to pass data between
  the core hobbit daemon and the hobbitd_* modules has been 
  increased, allowing for larger messages. These are now also
  configurable, so you can change them without having to
  recompile Hobbit (see the MAXMSG_* settings in hobbitserver.cfg(5)).
* bbproxy: When sending to multiple servers and the connection to
  one server fails, continue feeding a message to the other servers
  instead of dropping it completely.
* bbproxy: Rotating the logs will now also rotate the logfile for
  any debugging output.
* The RSS files now escape special characters, to make sure
  the file has a valid RSS XML syntax.
* The "cpu" status from a Hobbit client with a critical load
  would include texts showing both that the load was "high"
  and "critical". Changed to include only the most severe
* The "ncv" (name-colon-value) data handler could easily 
  read past end of input, and mis-interpret the input data.
  Fixed by Matti Klock.

Build fixes:
* An "autoconf" type of script is now used to check for some
  of the more common build problems. This should make the client
  build without problems on more platforms.
* The "configure" script will now recognize the "hobbit" user
  on systems using NIS or NIS+.
* "make install" would fail to set the proper permissions for the
  Hobbit client directories.
* The pre-built Debian- and RPM-packages failed to flag the
  client configuration files as such, so they would be overwritten
  by an upgrade. Note that this fix only takes effect AFTER you
  have installed the new .deb or .rpm files.
* The pre-built Debian- and RPM-packages failed to set permissions
  on the client logs/ and tmp/ directories.
* A separate "hobbit-client" package is now generated in both
  .rpm and .deb format.
* A bug in the "merge-sects" installation utility has been fixed. This
  could cause the installation to abort prematurely.

Server improvements:
* The acknowledge log on the BB 2 page now has a configurable
  max number and max time of the entries listed, via the
  --max-ackcount and --max-acktime options for bbgen.
* The eventlog script now lets you filter out events based on
  the hostname, testname, color, and start/stop times. Thanks
  to Eric Schwimmer for contributing this.
* The "netstat" statistics module has been upgraded to collect
  byte-counter statistics for HP-UX, AIX, OSF/1 and *BSD.
  This might only work with the Hobbit client, not the BB/LARRD
  bf-netstat module.
* A "group-except" definition is now supported in the bb-hosts
  file, to show all tests EXCEPT certain ones for a group of
* A "noclear" tag has been added. This is the equivalent of
  defining all network test with the '~' - "always report true 
  status" - flag.
* RPC tests now only run if the ping check of the server did 
  not fail.
* The default size of the RRD graphs can be defined via the
  RRDHEIGHT and RRDWIDTH settings in hobbitserver.cfg.
* The hobbitgraph CGI can now generate comparison graphs 
  with e.g. the load graphs from multiple hosts. However, a
  front-end tool for requsting these has not yet been created.
* Stale RRD files (.rrd files that haven't been updated for 
  more than 1 day) are no longer included when generating the
  graphs on the status pages. They still show up if you view
  the graphs on the "trends" status column.
* The hobbit-confreport CGI is now installed correctly,
  including an item in the "Reports" menu.
* The "info" column now include the "uname" data from the
  Hobbit client, allowing you to see what operating system
  is running on the host.

Client improvements:
* The "runclient.sh" script now accepts two command-line options:
  "--hostname=CLIENT.HOST.NAME" lets you override the default
  hostname that the client uses when it reports data to Hobbit;
  "--os=OSNAME" lets you override the operating system name for
  certain Linux systems. See the README.CLIENT file.
* The client is now re-locatable. I.e. you can pack up the
  "client" directory and move it to another box or another
  location for easier deployment of the client on multiple
  boxes running the same operating system.
* Client installations on NIS-based systems should now work.
* AIX is now supported - has been tested with 4.3.3 and 5.x.
* OSF/1 is now supported (4.x and 5.x)
* HP-UX support should work
* Darwin / Mac OS X is now supported.
* {Free,Net,Open}BSD-based systems failed to build the meminfo 
  tool, so memory reporting was broken.
* Solaris clients now reports all types of filesystems 
  (notably "vxfs" filesystems were omitted before).
* The client configuration now lets you check for filesystems
  that MUST be mounted.
* The clients now switch locale to use the POSIX locale - 
  previously the system locale was used, which could result
  in status messages in languages that the backend did
  not expect.

* A new utility "demotool" can be used to simulate a number of
  servers to Hobbit. This may be useful when demonstrating
  Hobbit to new users. Note: This is not included in the 
  default build - to build it, run "make demo-build".

Changes from 4.1.0 -> 4.1.1 (25 Jul 2005)

* The Hobbit client mis-interpreted the "df" output from 
  filesystems with longer-than-usual device names (e.g.
  network-mounted filesystems, resulting in some rather
  incredible values for the disk utilisation.
* hobbitsvc.cgi could crash if some of the input parameters
  from the URL were missing. This would only happen if
  you accessed it via a URL that was not created by Hobbit.
* The hobbitlaunch.cfg file for the server was missing a line,
  causing it to run the local client much more often than
* A faulty initialisation when reloading the Hobbit daemon state 
  could leave a broken pointer in a log-record. If this 
  was then accessed by a "hobbitdxboard" or a "drop" command,
  hobbitd would crash.

Build problems:
* The "configure" script failed on certain systems with a
  "cannot shift" error.
* Building the client on systems without the PCRE headers
  would fail.
* Building Hobbit - client or server - would fail on a 
  system if the PCRE headers were in a non-standard location.

Changes from 4.0.4 -> 4.1.0 (24 Jul 2005)

A Hobbit client for Unix systems has been implemented,
and this was found important enough to warrant bumping 
the version number to 4.1.

The README.CLIENT file has the details on how to use it.
The client is automatically installed as part of a 
server installation.

Server bugfixes:
* [SECURITY] The Hobbit daemon (hobbitd) could crash when 
  processing certain types of messages. It is believed that
  this could only be used for a denial-of-service attack
  against Hobbit, although it cannot completely be ruled
  out that an attacker might be able to exploit it to run
  arbitrary code with the privileges of the hobbit user.
  Thanks to Vernon Everett and Stefan Loos for their efforts
  in helping me track down these bugs.
* Workaround a bug in KHTML based browsers (KDE's Konqueror,
  Mac OS X Safari) when generating reports: They cannot handle
  "multipart/mixed" documents, but only offer to save the 
  document instead of sending you off to the report URL.
* Fix a build problem on OpenBSD: Apparently OpenBSD's linker
  does not recognize the --rpath option.
* A memory leak in the Hobbit daemon has been fixed (it would
  leak memory upon each reload of the bb-hosts file, which is
  done every 5 minutes).
* Status messages using "&green" or another color in the first
  line of the status message would display the "&green" text 
  instead of the color GIF image.
* bbtest-net's collection of DNS responses has been delayed until
  an actual test is queued. Previously, a host with a "testip"
  flag could end up with a DNS lookup which doesn't really
  make sense.
* Handling of the "notrends" tag was broken.
* The duration string should no longer be included in the
  webpage showing a disabled test. (Only applies to tests
  disabled after installing Hobbit 4.0.5).
* bbtest-net now reports "Hobbit" in the User-Agent header
  of all web requests, instead of "BigBrother".
* If an alert was configured to be sent only during certain
  periods of time, the recovery message would be suppressed if
  the recovery happened outside of the alerting period. Changed
  so that recovery messages ignore the time-based restrictions.
* hobbit-mailack would generate ack's valid for 30 minutes, instead
  of the documented 60 minutes. Changed to use 60 minutes.
* An off-by-one error in the routine generating the HTML document
  headers and footers was caught by Valgrind.
* A number of minor documentation fixes.
* Memory reports from Win32 clients using the Big Brother client
  could trigger an overflow when calculating the memory usage,
  resulting in memory utilization being reported as 0. Changed
  to use a larger internal representation for the memory sizes.

Server improvements:
* A new reporting tool, hobbit-confreport.cgi, provides a 
  way of generating a printable report summarizing the Hobbit
  monitoring configuration for a single server or a group of
* If a "custom" directory exists, you can have custom Hobbit
  tools located there and have them built during the normal 
  build proces.
* A status handed off to the hobbitd_alert module, but for which
  there is no alert recipient configured, would be re-checked
  every minute causing a heavy spike in the CPU load if there
  were many such statuses. A small code change allows us to 
  skip these until the configuration file changes.
* The code handling lookups of data from the bb-hosts file was
  changed to access the data via a tree-based search instead of
  a linear search. On large systems this provides a much more
  efficient retrieval of these data, reducing the overall load
  of Hobbit.
* The internal representation of status-data inside the hobbitd
  daemon now uses a more efficient tree-structure instead of a
  simple linked list.
* The NETFAILTEXT environment variable can be used to change
  the "not OK" text added to status messages of failed network
* External commands used in network testing (ntpdate, rpcinfo,
  traceroute) now have max. 30 seconds to complete. This is to
  avoid a broken ntpdate or similar to lock up the network tests.
  The "--cmdtimeout=N" option controls the length of the timeout.
* hobbitlaunch no longer logs every task started to the 
  hobbitlaunch.log file - this could result in the log file growing
  to huge proportions. The "--verbose" option for hobbitlaunch 
  will restore the old behaviour, if needed.
* A number of arbitrary limits on the size of various buffers,
  messages, queries and responses have been removed. Hobbit will
  now handle status-messages of practically any size, except
  that the interface between the main daemon and the worker modules
  (handling history, RRD files and alerts) is limited to 100 KB
  message size. Configuration files (bb-hosts, hobbit-alerts.cfg,
  hobbitserver.cfg, hobbitlaunch.cfg) can have lines of any length.
  Continuation lines are now supported in all configuration files.
* The moverrd.sh is now included in the default installation.
* OpenBSD vmstat output now supported.

LARRD / Hobbit cleanup:
Upon request from Craig Cook, the code and docs were changed to
clarify that Hobbit and LARRD are not related. I therefore
decided to remove references to "LARRD" in the configuration files,
resulting in these changes:

  in hobbitserver.cfg (handled automatically by "make install").
* The bb-hosts "LARRD:" tag was renamed to "TRENDS:". Existing bb-hosts
  files using the old tag still work, though.
* The hobbitd_larrd program were renamed to hobbitd_rrd. The default
  hobbitlaunch.cfg file was also changed to reflect this, and the
  names of the logfiles from the two RRD update tasks were changed as
  well. All of this should happen automatically when running "make
  install", but if you have added extra options - e.g. for custom graphs -
  then you may need to re-do those modifications in hobbitlaunch.cfg.

Changes from 4.0.3 -> 4.0.4 (29 May 2005)

* "nodisp" tag re-implemented for hosts that should not
  appear on the Hobbit webpages.
* Enabling the "apache" data collection could crash bbtest-net
  if the /server-status page returned was larger than 32 KB.
* The "bbcmd" tool would not pass a --debug option to the command
  it was running.
* Nested macros in hobbit-alerts.cfg were not working.
* Using TAB's in hobbit-alerts.cfg could confuse the alert module.
* hobbitd_alert's --test option now determines the page-name for
  a host automatically. It will also now accept a time-parameter
  to simulate how alerts are processed at specific time-of-day.
* Status messages from "dialup" hosts should not go purple.
* The "mailq" RRD handler would pick up the first number from 
  the "requests" line, which might not be the right number.
* Scheduling a "disable" did not work.
* The startup-script was modified to correctly handle stale PID
  files left over from an unclean shutdown of Hobbit. These are
  now removed, and startup will proceed normally.

* CGI tools now log error-output to dedicated logs in
* The "bea-snmpstats.sh" script has been removed, and replaced
  with an enhanced tool "beastat". This collects statistics via
  SNMP from BEA Weblogic servers, and reports these via "data"
  messages to Hobbit. The data collected are run-time data for
  the JRockIT JVM and thread/memory utilization data from each
  Weblogic server instance.
* The "ntpstat" RRD handler now accepts the raw output from
  "ntpq -c rv"
* The heartbeat-timeout for hobbitd has been increased to 60 

Changes from 4.0.2 -> 4.0.3 (22 May 2005)

Bugfixes (general):
* The bb-datepage and bbmessage CGI tools were reading the 
  POST data in an incorrect way; it worked on most systems, 
  but did not adhere to the CGI specification.

Bugfixes (alerting):
* Acknowledgments were broken in 4.0.2.
* Using PAGE=... in hobbit-alerts.cfg to pick out hosts
  on the front-page was not possible. The front page is
  now recognized with the name "/", so PAGE=/ will find
* The hobbitd_alert --test option would not pick up the 
  correct page-path settings from the bb-hosts file.
* The BBALPHAMSG text passed to scripts as a default alert
  message now includes the URL link to the statuslog.

Bugfixes (graphs and trends):
* hobbitgraph.cgi could show "@RRDPARAM@" on graphs if
  it was matched by a NULL string (would happen for mailq
* RRD files were not being updated while a status was 
  blue (disabled), even though status messages were received.
  Changed so that blue logs are passed off to the RRD
* The "disk1" graph definition failed to take into account
  that the numbers logged were already in KB of data. So
  the axis-label was wrong.
  parser - we might as well track data when it's there.
* The "mailq" RRD handler now finds the queue-length 
  regardless of whether it is before or after the "requests"
  keyword in the "mailq" or "nmailq" status message.
* If the "apache" data collection was specified for a host,
  but the host had no "http" tests, a bogus http status report
  was being generated.
* Network statistics used a conversion that would overflow
  on 32-bit systems.

Bugfixes (web pages):
* Some header/footer files for the snapshot report
  were missing.
* The "info_header" and "info_footer" files were not being
  used for the "info" column pages.

Bugfixes (installation):
* Fix file-descriptor leak in the "setup-newfiles" tool
  used during installation. This could cause "make install"
  to abort while installing new files, on systems with a 
  low setting for the max. number of simultaneous open files.
* Some systems keep libraries in a /lib64 directory - this was
  not being searched by the configure script.
* If Hobbit was built without SSL support and an SSL network
  test is configured, it will now always fail with a meaningful
  error message.
* If the configure script found SSL- or LDAP-libraries, but
  these could not link, the build would not disable SSL-
  and LDAP-support and therefore it failed. If the libraries
  do not work, disable the support.
* The SSL test would link without required network support
  libraries on some platforms.
* The options for overriding SSL- and LDAP-include files
  did not match the documented name.
* AIX systems built with gcc were missing the OSDEF compile-

* All remnants of Big Brother compatibility have been 
  removed. If you want to stick with the old Big Brother
  tool, use bbgen. This allowed for some much needed 
  cleaning up of the bbgen code that loaded the status
  data, especially for the handling of purple status logs.
  Also, the sending of messages has dropped all support 
  for the Big Brother method of sending "page" messages
  when a status-message is sent with an alert-color, so
  the BBPAGE and BBPAGERS settings are no longer used.
* The maint.pl script has been removed. A new tool, 
  hobbit-enadis.cgi, replaces this with a native Hobbit
  tool. If you are upgrading, you should change the
  ~/server/www/menu/menu_items.js file to point link to
  "hobbit-enadis.sh" instead of "maint.pl".
* The "info" column page now includes a form to disable
  and enable tests for a single host. If you prefer not
  to have this on the info page, add the option "--no-disable"
  to the hobbit-cgi/bb-hostsvc.sh wrapper.
* Some logfiles have been moved to the normal log-file
  directory - /var/log/hobbit:
  - nkstatus.log (from ~hobbit/server/)
  - notifications.log (from ~hobbit/data/acks/)
  - acklog (from ~hobbit/data/acks), also renamed to 
* The hobbit-mailack CGI will now find a "delay=DURATION"
  line in the mail message, and use that as the duration of
  the acknowledgment. Reports show that there are some
  types of mail/SMS systems where you cannot modify the 
  message subject.
* Paul D. Backer contributed "favicon" images generated
  from the Hobbit "recent" GIF files. These have been added
  and are now loaded from the Hobbit web/*_header files,
  so that browsers supporting this (Mozilla, Firefox) will
  display a favicon-image in the titlebar or on the
  page-tab holding the Hobbit webpage.
* Two new settings in hobbitserver.cfg can be used to
  restrict which filesystems are being tracked by Hobbit.
  The NORRDDISKS / RRDDISKS settings are regular-expressions
  that the filesystem names are matched against. See the
  hobbitserver.cfg(5) man-page.
* Hobbit now works with RRDtool 1.2.x. Due to a bug in
  the first 1.2.x releases of RRDtool, you must use at least 
  version 1.2.2 with Hobbit.
* A new report-output option lets you save a CSV (comma-
  separated values) file with the availability data for
  each host+test in Hobbit. This allows for further 
  processing of the availability data eg. importing it
  into a spreadsheet. This can be selected from the report
  request webpage.
* It is now possible to define different values for an environment
  setting in hobbitserver.cfg, depending on a new "--area=..."
  command-line option for all tools. See hobbitserver.cfg.
* Apache 1.x performance data are now graphed correctly,
  by mapping the "BusyServers/IdleServers" data into the
  BusyWorkers/IdleWorkers datasets used by Apache 2.0 RRD
* sendmail RRD's for sendmail 8.13+ now tracks the number
  of "quarantined" messages also. You must delete any existing
  sendmail.rrd files for this new data item to be tracked.
* All RRD-updates now use the RRDtool "--template" option to
  map values to RRD datasets. This should keep us from 
  updating datasets with wrong values.
* Graphs can now get their title from a script, instead of
  using a static string in hobbitgraph.cfg. This lets you 
  e.g. pick up the graphtitle from the mrtg.cfg.
* All CGI's now pick up command-line options from a new
  configuration file, hobbitcgi.cfg. This is to ease
  packaging and make sure the CGI's can be updated without
  losing local configurations.
* The debian- and rpm-specific packaging files are now 
  included in the distribution tarfile.
* A historical status-log now includes a "Full History"
  button to go to the history overview.
* "irix" is now recognized as operating system. A preliminary
  vmstat RRD will be generated, but this may change in a
  future version. "netstat" reports are not yet handled. 

Changes from 4.0 -> 4.0.2 (10 Apr 2005)
* "meta" reports could crash hobbitd.
* Parsing of HTTP responses could crash bbtest-net.
* Eventlog entries from hosts not in bb-hosts would crash
  the eventlog CGI reporting tool.
* bbgen would crash when FQDN was set to FALSE (not default)
  and a host was in bb-hosts with the fully-qualified name.
* The external rrd-module might launch more than one script
  simultaneously, which resulted in the status message being
* AS/400 disk reports were not handled correctly by the RRD
  module, since the format was different from what was expected.
* bbtest-net would do DNS lookups of hostnames when run with the
  "--dns=ip" option, causing a severe slowdown.
* When viewing historical disk reports from Unix systems, the
  "Status unchanged in ..." message might be included in the
  last line of the disk status report, instead of being on a
  line by itself at the bottom of the page.
* "badconn" tags were not being recognized. Eric Schwimmer 
  found the problem and even provided a patch.
* On Solaris, the HOME environment variable may not be defined 
  if Hobbit is started from a bootup-script. This caused
  network tests to stop running.
* Historical logs that are saved when a host is disabled or
  goes purple would not reflect the blue/purple color, but
  the color of the status before it was disabled or went purple.
* A spelling error in the hobbitgraph.cfg file caused the
  hobbitgraph CGI to crash when trying to generate mailq graphs.
* Some BSD systems do not have an atoll() routine, which broke
  compilation of the hobbitd_larrd module. Switched to use Hobbit's
  own atoll() for this platform.
* Duration-times could be mis-reported on the "info" page, due to
  some bad math done when building this page.

* In bb-hosts you can now define a host called ".default." - the tags
  set for this host will be the default tag settings for the following
  hosts (until a new .default. host appears).
* Merged the bb-infocolumn and bb-larrdcolumn functionality into
  the service-display CGI, and make bb-hostsvc into a Hobbit-only
  CGI called hobbitsvc.cgi. The bb-infocolumn and bb-larrdcolumn
  binaries have been removed.
* --alertcolors, --okcolors and --repeat options for hobbitd,
  hobbitd_alert and bb-infocolumn were moved to settings in
* A new generic RRD handler was added for name-colon-value reports.
  This can be used to handle RRD tracking of reports where the data
  is in lines of the form "Name: Value".
* New "notrends" tag for bb-hosts entries drops the "trends" tag
  for a host (similar to the "noinfo" tag).
* New "DOC:" tag for bb-hosts entries lets you set a documentation
  URL for each host, or as a default using the ".default." hostname.
  The --docurl option on bb-infocolumn (which no longer exists) has
  been dropped.
* Included the "hobbitreports.sh" script to show how reports can be 
  pre-generated by a cron-job.
* New "bb-datepage.cgi" CGI makes it easy to select daily/weekly/monthly
  pre-generated reports. 
* The hobbitgraph CGI now allows you to show weekday- and month-names in
  your local language, instead of forcing it to english. Note that the
  fonts used may not include all non-ASCII characters.
* CPU-reports from the bb-xsnmp.pl script should now be handled correctly
  by the RRD module.
* CPU-reports for z/VM should now be handled correctly by the RRD module.
* CPU-, disk- and memory-reports from the nwstats2bb script are now 
  handled by the RRD module.

Changes from 4.0 -> 4.0.1 (31 Mar 2005)
* Compiling Hobbit on some platforms would fail due to a couple
  of missing standard include files not being pulled in.

Changes from RC-6 -> 4.0 (30 Mar 2005)
* DOWNTIME handling was broken in some cases. While fixing this,
  it was also enhanced to allow multiple day-specifications in 
  a single time-specification, e.g. "60:2200:2330" is now valid
  way of defining downtime between 10 PM and 11:30 PM on Saturday
  and Sunday.
* If bbtest-net was run with "--dns=ip" option to disable DNS
  lookups, a DHCP host could not be tested. Changed so that hosts
  with a "" IP-address always do a DNS lookup to determine
  the IP-address for network tests.
* Links in the RSS file were missing a trailing slash.
* Disk- and CPU-reports from AS/400 based systems were not handled
  properly by the RRD parser. Note that this change means the PCRE
  library is now needed for the hobbitd_larrd module.
* The default hobbitlaunch.cfg had the environment path for the
  bbcombotest task hard-coded, instead of picking up the configuration
* Back out the cookie-based filtering of hosts in the Enable/Disable
  (maint.pl) script - it breaks in too many places. Need further
* Alert rules with the STOP and UNMATCHED keywords now flag this on
  the info-page alert table.
* If a host was removed from the bb-hosts file, and hobbitd reloaded
  the file before a "drop" command was sent, then it was impossible to
  get rid of the internal state stored for the host without restarting
* Disabled status-logs could go purple while still being disabled,
  this would show up as the status alternating between blue and purple.

* If invoking fping failed, the error message was lost and only
  a "failed with exit code 99" error was reported. Changed so that
  the real cause of the error is reported in the bbtest-net log.
* An "mrtg" definition was added to hobbitgraph.cfg, to handle
  MRTG generated RRD files. If MRTG is configured to save RRD files
  directly to the Hobbit rrd-directory, these graphs can be handled
  as if they were native Hobbit graphs. Wrote up hobbit-mrtg.html to
  describe this setup.
* When hosts are removed from the bb-hosts file, all in-memory data
  stored about the host is dropped automatically, so e.g. alerts will
  no longer be sent out. Data stored on disk is unaffected; this only
  gets removed when a "drop" command is issued.
* Time-specifications now accept multiple week-days, e.g. you can 
  define a host that is down Sunday and Monday 20:00->23:00 with
  "DOWNTIME=01:2000:2300". This applies globally, so also applies to
  alert-specifications and other time-related settings using the NKTIME
  syntax. It will also complain rather loudly in the logfile is an
  invalid time-specification is found in one of the configuration files.
* hobbit-mailack added to the HTML man-page index and to the overview
  description in hobbit(7).
* A new "trimhistory" tool was added, allowing you to trim the size of
  history logs and historical status-log collections.

Changes from RC-5 -> RC-6
* Recovery messages were sent to all recipients, regardless
  of any color-restrictions on the alerts they received. Changed
  this so that recipients only get recovery messages for the
  alerts they received.

* The "NOALERT" option was not applied when multiple recipients
  were listed in one rule.

* bbtest-net now performs a syntax check on all URL's before
  adding them to the test queue. This should stop it from 
  crashing in case you happen to enter a syntactically invalid
  URL in your bb-hosts file.

* The acknowledgment log on the BB2 page could mix up data from
  different entries in the log.

* The default mail-utility used to send out e-mail alerts is
  now defined per OS. Solaris and HP-UX use "mailx", others
  use "mail".

* Client tests no longer go purple when a host has been 

* bb-larrdcolumn no longer dumps core if there are no RRD files.

* With the right input, bb-larrdcolumn could use massive amounts of
  memory and eventually terminate with an out-of-memory error.

* A memory leak in hobbitd_larrd handling of "disk" reports was fixed.

* bb-infocolumn now accepts a "--repeat=N" setting to inform it of
  the default alert-repeat interval. If you use --repeat with 
  hobbitd_alert, you should copy that option to bb-infocolumn to 
  make it generate correct info-column pages.

* If bbgen cannot create output files or directories, the underlying
  error is now reported in the error message.

* The "merge-lines" and "merge-sects" tools used during installation
  could crash due to a missing initialization of a pointer.

* It is now possible to make Hobbit re-open all logfiles,
  e.g. after a log rotate. Use "server/hobbit.sh rotate".

* The hobbit-mailack tool now recognizes the BB format of 
  alert message responses, i.e. putting "delay" and "msg"
  in the subject line will work.

* bbcmd defaults to running /bin/sh if no command is given

* hobbitd_larrd now logs the sender IP of a message that
  results in an error.

* A network test definition for SpamAssassin's spamd daemon
  was added.

* The default web/*header files now refer to a HOBBITLOGO setting
  for the HTML used in the upper-left corner of all pages. The 
  default is just the text "Hobbit", but you can easily replace
  this with e.g. a company logo by changing this setting in

* The Hobbit daemon's "hobbitdboard", "hobbitdxboard" and 
  "hobbitdlist" commands now support a set of primitive filtering
  techniques to limit the number of hosts returned.

* maint.pl uses the new Hobbit daemon filtering and a cookie defined
  by the header in webpages to show only the hosts found on the
  page where it was called from, or just a single host.

* Hobbit should now compile on Mac OS X (Darwin).

* The info- and graph-column names are now defined globally as
  environment variables "INFOCOLUMN" and "LARRDCOLUMN", respectively.
  This eliminates the need to have them listed as options for multiple
  commands. Consequently, the --larrd and --info options have been 

* Systems with the necessary libraries (RRDtool, PCRE, OpenSSL etc) in
  unusual locations can now specify the location of these as parameters
  to the configure script, overriding the auto-detect routine. See
  "./configure --help" for details.

* A definition for the "disk1" graph in LARRD was added, this shows the
  actual use of filesystems instead of the normal percentage.

Changes from RC-4 -> RC-5
* Very large status- or data-messages could overflow the shared
  memory segment used for communication between hobbitd and the
  worker modules. This would cause hobbitd to crash. Such messages
  are now truncated before being passed off to worker modules.

* hobbitd_alert no longer crashes when trying to send a message.

* Recovery messages were sent, even when no alert message had
  been sent. This caused unexpected "green" messages. 

* The router dependency "route" tag handling was broken.

* The "starthobbit.sh" script now refuses to start Hobbit if it
  is already running.

* The "starthobbit.sh" script was renamed to just "hobbit.sh".
  It now also supports a "reload" command that causes hobbitd
  to reload the bb-hosts file.

* The bb-hist CGI now supports the NAME tag for naming hosts.

* The history CGI's showed the Host- and service-names twice 
  when in Hobbit mode. Once is enough.

* A "NOALERT" setting in hobbit-alerts.cfg was implemented, so
  it is easier to define recipients who only get notice-messages
  and not alerts.

* The input parameter check for CGI scripts was relaxed, so that
  special characters are permitted - e.g. when passing a custom
  hostname to a CGI. Since we do not use any shell scripts in 
  CGI handling, this should not cause any security problem.

Building Hobbit:
* The /opt/sfw directory is now searched for libraries (Solaris).

* The order of libssl and libcrypto has been swapped, to avoid
  linker problems on some platforms.

Changes from RC-3 -> RC-4

* Loading the bb-services file no longer causes bbtest-net,
  hobbitd_larrd et al to crash.
* The alert configuration loader was fixed, so that
  recipient criteria are applied correctly.
* hobbitd_alert handling of "recovered" status messages was
  slightly broken. This was probably the cause of the
  unexpected "green" alerts that some have reported.
* SCRIPT recipients can now have a "@" in their names without
  being silently treated as MAIL recipients.
* An acknowledge message is now cleared when the status changes
  to an OK color (defined by the --okcolors option). Previously
  it would have to go "green" before the ack was cleared.
* Acked and disabled statuses can not go purple while the
  acknowledge or disable is valid. This was causing brief flickers
  of purple for tests that were disabled for more than 30 minutes.
* maint.pl "combo" message support was dropped. This was causing
  runtime warnings, and it has never been possible to send enable
  or disable messages inside combo's (neither with Hobbit nor BB).

Building Hobbit:
* bb-infocolumn should build without problems again.

* The "configure" script now also looks in /opt/csw for
  tools and libraries (for Solaris/x86)

* An OpenBSD Makefile was contributed.

* The gcc option "-Wl,--rpath" is now used when linking
  the tools on Linux and *BSD. This should resolve a lot of
  the issues with runtime libraries that cannot be found.

* "configure" now looks for your perl utility, and adjusts
  the maint.pl script accordingly.

* HP-UX does not have an atoll() routine. So a simple 
  implementation of this routine was added.

Configuration file changes:
* hobbitlaunch.cfg now supports a DISABLED keyword to shut
  off unwanted tasks. This permits upgrading without having
  to re-disable stuff.
* All commands in hobbitserver.cfg are now quoted, so it
  can be sourced by the CGI scripts without causing errors.
  Note that this is NOT automatically changed in an existing
  configuration file.

* The detailed status display now lets you define what graphs
  should be split onto multiple graph images (the "--multigraphs"
  option for bb-hostsvc.cgi and hobbitd_filestore). Currently
  the "disk", "inode" and "qtree" graphs are handled this way.
* The detailed status display now includes a line showing how
  long an acknowledgment is valid. This is configurable via the
  ACKUNTILMSG setting in hobbitserver.cfg.
* A new "notify" message is supported as part of the Hobbit 
  protocol. This takes a normal hostname+testname paramater,
  plus a text message; this is sent out as an informational
  message using the hobbit-alerts.cfg rules to determine recipients.
  This replaces the BB "notify-admin" recipient with a more
  fine-grained and configurable system. Currently used by
  maint.pl when enabling and disabling tests.
* Alert scripts now receive a CFID environment variable with the
  linenumber of the hobbit-alerts.cfg file that caused this
  alert to go out.
* A new tool - hobbit-mailack - was added. If setup to run from
  e.g. the Hobbit users' .procmailrc file, you can acknowledge
  alerts by responding to an alert email.
* Temperature reports now accept additional text in parenthesis
  without being confused.

Changes from RC-2 -> RC-3

Configuration file changes:
* The bb-services file format was changed slightly.
  Instead of "service foo" to define a service, it is
  now "[foo]". Existing files will be converted 
  automatically by "make install".
* The name of the "conn" column (for ping-tests) is used
  throughout Hobbit, and had to be set in multiple locations.
  Changed all of them to use the setting from the PINGCOLUMN
  environment variable, and added this to hobbitserver.cfg.

* The --purple-conn option was dropped from hobbitd.
  It should be removed from hobbitlaunch.cfg.

* The --ping=COLUMNNAME option for bbtest-net should not
  be used any more. "--ping" enables the ping tests, the
  name of the column is taken from the PINGCOLUMN variable.

* The GRAPHS setting in hobbitserver.cfg no longer needs to
  have the simple TCP tests defined. These are automatically
  picked up from the bb-services file.

* hobbitd no longer crashes, if the MACHINE name from 
  hobbitserver.cfg is not listed in bb-hosts. Thanks to
  Stephen Beaudry for helping me track down this bug.

* If hobbitd crashed, then hobbitlaunch would attempt
  to restart it immediately. Added a 5 second delay,
  so that there's time for the OS to clean up any open
  sockets, files etc that might prevent a restart from

* The "disk" RRD handler could be confused by reports 
  from a Unix server, and mistake it for a report from a
  Windows server. This caused the report to try and store
  data in an RRD file with an invalid filename, so no
  graph-data was being stored.

* The "cpu" and "disk" RRD handlers were enhanced to support 
  reports from the "filerstats2bb" script for monitoring NetApp
  systems. The disk-handler also supports the "inode" and "qtree"
  reports from the same script.

* bb-services was overwritten by a "make install". This
  wiped out custom network test definitions.

* bbnet would crash if you happened to define a "http"
  or "https" test instead of using a full URL.

* bbnet was mis-calculating the size of the URL used for th
  apache-test. This could cause it to overflow a buffer and

* hobbitd would ignore the BBPORT setting and always default
  to using port 1984.

* Portability problems on HP-UX 11 should be resolved. From
  reports it appears that building RRDtool on HP-UX 11 is 
  somewhat of a challenge; however, the core library is
  all that Hobbit needs, so build-problems with the Perl
  modules can be ignored as far as Hobbit is concerned.

* hobbitd_alert could not handle multiple recipients for scripts,
  and mistakenly assumed all recipients with a "@" were for
  e-mail recipients.

* Alert messages no longer include the "<!-- flags:... ->"
  summary; this is for Hobbit internal use only.

* "suse" and "mandrake" are recognized as aliases for "linux"
  in the RRD handler.

* The info-pages now list the Hobbit alert configuration.

* hobbitd_alert now has a "--trace=FILENAME" option. This 
  causes it to log a complete trace of all messages received
  from hobbitd, and how they are handled and what alerts get
  sent out as a result. This should help in tracking down
  alert problems.

* New FORMAT=PLAIN setting for alert recipients. This is the
  same as FORMAT=TEXT, except that the URL link to the status-
  page is left out of the message.

* The "setup" target for make has been removed. "make install"
  will now do all of the work, and will also merge in any
  added settings to the hobbitserver.cfg, hobbitgraph.cfg,
  hobbitlaunch.cfg, columndoc.csv and bb-services files.
  The standard files in ~/server/web/ and ~/server/www/ are
  also updated, if a previous version of the standard file
  is found.

* The graph included on a status view page can now be 
  zoomed directly, without having to go over the "view all
  period graphs" page.

* Color-names in hobbit-alerts.cfg are now case-insensitive.

* If the "acknowledge alert" webpage is password-protected,
  the login-username is now included in the acknowledge 
  message. This will also appear in the BB2 acknowledgement
  log display, and on the status page.

* More tips added to the "Tips & Tricks" document: How to get
  temperature graphs with Fahrenheit, how to configure Apache
  to allow viewing of the CGI man-pages.

* A native MD5 message-digest routine was added, so content-
  checks using digests will work even when Hobbit is built
  without OpenSSL support. The routine was taken from

* bb-findhost CGI will let you search for IP-adresses.

* The "--recentgifs" option to bbgen now has a parameter,
  so you can specify what the threshold is for a status to have
  changed "recently". The default is 24 hours.

Changes from RC-1 -> RC-2

* The alert module now gets color changes that move a status from
  critical (alert) state into a not-yet-recovered state. So if you 
  only want pages on red, you should no longer see pages when it
  goes from red to yellow.

* Alert rules with a color specification followed by some other
  criteria would ignore the color spec.

* Alerts would only get repeated when a new message arrived, not
  necessarily with the interval set by the REPEAT configuration.

* The alert configuration file was reloaded every time. It should
  now only reload when it has been changed. This caused a noticable
  change in hobbitd_alert's CPU usage.

* A MAIL recipient can now have multiple recipients.

* The "iishealth" RRD handler was broken.

* DHCP hosts (those that have an IP of are allowed to report
  their status from any IP.

* The bb-eventlog CGI was cleaned up (now it actually works!) and
  a proper submission form and menu item were added.

* bbtest-net would crash when multiple "apache" tests were defined.

* The bb-ack.sh CGI - when located in the secure CGI area - was posting
  to bb-ack.sh in the unsecure CGI directory. Changed so it always posts
  to the same location it was originally called from.

* Lots of small tweaks to the HTML templates and some code, to ensure
  that all HTML generated is HTML 4.0 compliant. Thanks to Firefox
  and the HTML Validator plugin!

* hobbitgraph.cgi enhanced with a "zoom-in" function taken from the
  Cacti project. This allows zooming in on a period of time. Zoom
  on both axis (time and value) will be implemented in the next version
  of Hobbit, since it requires a modification to the RRDtool library;
  this is too large a change to add currently.

* A handler for the "temperature" reports was added to hobbitd_larrd.

* An external handler mechanism was implemented for hobbitd_larrd, so 
  users can add their own graphs without having to do C coding.

* The "bbcmd" utility now loads the standard hobbitserver.cfg environment
  if no "--env" setting is used on the command line.

* The default for the "find host" form was changed to do a case-insensitive
  match (since hostnames do not normally care about upper- or lower-case).

Changes from beta-6 -> RC-1

* NOTE: The netstat RRD file layout has changed.  You must delete all 
  "netstat.rrd" files, or your data collection will fail. Sorry, but the old 
  LARRD format cannot cope with reality, where some systems report packet 
  counts, some report byte counts, and some have both.

* NOTE: The vmstat RRD file layout has changed, for data collected
  from Linux-based systems. You must delete all such "vmstat.rrd"
  files, or the data collection will fail. There were several 
  incompatible formats of linux vmstat RRD files - now they all
  use the same format.

* Hobbit should now work on AIX, and possibly other platforms
  that enforce strict X/Open XPG4 semantics for the ftok() 
  routine. If you were seeing messages like "Could not generate 
  shmem key..." or "Cannot setup status channel", then these
  should now be fixed. Thanks to Chris Morris for being patient 
  with me while I struggled with the finer details of SVR4 IPC.

* A new "--test" option was implemented for hobbitd_alert. Running
  "hobbitd_alert --test HOSTNAME SERVICENAME" will print out the
  rules that match the HOSTNAME/SERVICENAME combination, so you 
  can see what alerts are triggered. (Note: man-page is not updated
  with this info yet).

* Macros in hobbit-alerts.cfg were broken. Completely.

* Specifying time-values in hobbit-alerts.cfg as "10m" was 
  interpreted as "10 months" instead of "10 minutes". Since
  minutes is much more likely to be useful, the support for
  "months" and "years" was dropped, and "10m" now means minutes.

* Specifying any kind of duration meant that the alert would not
  happen until 24 hours had passed (and the alert still was active).
* Two new keywords in the hobbit-alerts.cfg file: 
  STOP on a recipient means that Hobbit stops looking for more 
  recipients after the current one has matched. 
  UNMATCHED on a recipient means that this recipient only 
  gets an alert if no other recipients got an alert (for
  setting up a default catch-all rule).

* A simple syntax for "all hosts" is now "HOST=*" in hobbit-alerts.cfg

* Configuring the Hobbit URL's as a root URL - "http://host/" -
  now works, and yields correct links to the menu, the GIF-
  files, and the documentation.

* The Enable/Disable script (maint.pl) now picks up the menu

* The "configure" script now allows you to select a second
  CGI directory for administration scripts (the ack-script
  and enable/disable script). This second directory is 
  access-controlled; the default Apache configuration was
  updated to show how.

* The ~/server/starthobbit.sh symbolic link was not being
  re-generated if the file already existed (on some platforms).

* The hobbit-tips.html file is now generated during installation,
  so it has correct links to the icons. Previously it assumed 
  that the icon-files had been copied to the www/help/ directory.

* vmstat data for the "I/O wait cpu time" on Linux is now being
  collected. Linux RRD data-formats made identical across the
  various formats that are in use; this means any existing vmstat.rrd
  files from Linux systems must be deleted.

* Support for NetBSD 2.0 in vmstat and netstat RRD handler.

* HTTP authentication strings are now URL un-escaped, so you can
  use any byte-value in the username and/or password.

* The info-column now includes the current address assigned to 
  a DHCP host.

* A new "noinfo" tag can be used to suppress the "info" column on
  selected hosts.

* bbhostgrep no longer segfault's if you do not use the BBLOCATION
  environment setting. This kept some extension scripts from working.

* If every single network test failed, bbtest-net could loop 
  indefinitely. Seen on NetBSD.

* If the number of available file-descriptors (ulimit -n) was
  exceeded, bbtest-net would loop forever. Seen on NetBSD.

* When running http-tests via a proxy that requires authentication,
  the authentication info could not contain a ":" or a "@". The
  authentication info is now un-escaped using the normal URL
  decoding routine, so these characters can be entered as %XX 
  escaped data (e.g. to put a "@" in the password, use "%40").

* LDAP tests now try to select LDAPv3 first, and fallback to
  LDAPv2 if this is not possible. Some newer LDAP servers 
  refuse to talk v2 protocol.

* Memory debugging was accidentally enabled in beta6 - it is now

Changes from beta-5 -> beta-6 (released Jan 23 2005)

* All environment variables now have default values if
  they haven't been defined in hobbitserver.cfg.

* Hobbit now builds and appears to work on NetBSD.

* The problems with the "id" command on Solaris should be
  fixed (for real, this time).

* The "configure" script checks for GNU Make, and sets up
  the MAKE variable to run it.

* For automated package builders, the "configure" script will
  use pre-defined settings and not ask questions requiring user

* A new HEARTBEAT option was added to hobbitlaunch.cfg. One task
  (hobbitd) can provide a heart-beat by sending hobbitlaunch a
  USR2 signal; if this signal is lost, hobbitlaunch will bounce
  the task.

* When killing tasks, hobbitlaunch will now first try SIGTERM. If
  the task does not terminate, hobbitlaunch will send SIGKILL.

* If some tasks depend on a task that is being killed by hobbitlaunch,
  then the dependant tasks will also be killed.

* A timeout has been implemented in hobbitd, when it waits for the
  hobbitd workers to pick up the latest message sent to them. If the
  semaphore does not clear in 5 seconds, hobbitd will complain but
  proceed to post the message to the channel. The root cause for this
  happening is not yet fully determined, although two potential causes
  have been identified and corrected. The effect of this happening used
  to be that hobbit would lock up, and all hosts would disappear from
  the display.
  If you see an error-message "BOARDBUSY locked..." I would like to hear
  about it!

* The post-beta5-lockup patch is included. This fixes a bug that could
  cause hobbitd to lockup when being started.

* Error handling in the initial setting up of the hobbitd shared-memory
  and semaphores has been improved and made more verbose.

* A bug in the hobbitd_channel handling of timeouts meant that the
  timeouts were only reported as "Duplicate message". 

* Alerts are now passed to the hobbitd_alert module each time a status
  with an "alert-color" is received. The rules for sending off alerts
  to hobbitd_alert have thus been much simplified and should give a
  more robust behaviour.

* SCRIPT based alert are now also logged.

Status display:
* Disabled tests now have the information from the "disable" 
  message shown on the status page.

RRD graphs:
* The BEA graph definitions have been improved to handle multiple
  instances running on the same node, and to pick up thread information.

Network tests:
* VNC network test definition added.

* The "apache" performance data collector should no longer
  cause the network tests to crash.

* The "apache" configuration now lets you specify the URL
  used to fetch the data, if you e.g. need to provide a
  login/password to get it, or you are using a different
  URL than the default one.

Changes from beta-4 -> beta-5 (released Jan 16 2005)

* Dead connections would cause hobbitd to busy-loop
  using CPU time. It will now timeout connections after
  10 seconds (configurable).

* CLIENT tag is now handled regardless of whether "ghost"
  handling is enabled in hobbitd or not.

RRD graphs:
* The "apache" keyword for picking up Apache performance data is
  now documented. This is a bottom feeder for the Apache RRD
  graph data.

* A handler to generate graphs from the "iishealth" extension 
  data was added.

* "netstat" data from Win32 systems running bb_memory were not
  handled properly, so no graph data was being stored.

* The default repeat-interval for alerts can be set as a 
  command-line option.

* A new option to hobbitd, --okcolors=COLOR, allows you
  to specify what color(s) will trigger a "recovered"

* Memory management is now wrapped in routines that check
  for common errors. This may cause more crashes, but will
  hopefully also make it easier to track down the bugs.

* The configure script should be able to pick up the PCRE
  include files on Red Hat & Fedora.

* RRDtool installations that require linking with libz
  should now work.

* Compile problems on AIX (conflicting msg_t defintions)
  have been fixed by renaming the hobbit structure.

* Some scripts used "id -g", this caused problems on
  Solaris. Changed to use the XPG4 version of "id" on

* man-pages for bb-infocolumn, bb-larrdcolumn, bb-webpage 
  hobbit-alerts.cfg added.
  The hobbitserver.cfg man-page was heavily updated.

* Misc. documentation updates and improvements

Network tests:
* C-ARES library updated from version 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1.

* Availability reports would show odd data for hosts that had
  the REPORTTIME option enabled.

* Setting report-generation options in BBGENREPOPTS now works.

* The bb-snapshot.cgi reporting tool is now installed in the 
  menu, and functional out of the box. This tool allows you to
  view a snapshot of the Hobbit webpages at a given point in

* The report header- and footer-files changed so the menu also
  works in reports.

Changes from beta3 -> beta4 (released Jan 05 2005)

General changes
* Bugfixes from bbgen 3.5 included.

* Internally, the code that handles loading of the bb-hosts file in
  the various tools has been consolidated into a single library
  routine. Previously there was 3 or 4 different routines who handled
  loading the bb-hosts file - one for bbgen, another for bbtest-net, a
  third for bbgend/hobbitd etc. Such a change can cause problems,
  since so much functionality depends on getting the right information
  out of the bb-hosts file. So if you stumble across anything that
  might be related to a tool not getting the expected information from
  bb-hosts, do let me know. It's been fairly well tested, but one
  never knows.

* The documentation has been brought up-to-date, and I've added some
  HTML-formatted documentation that is available either in the docs/
  directory of the tar-file, or on-line after you install Hobbit. The
  "install.html" describes how to install Hobbit, if you would like
  some guidance along the way. The column heading links that pointed
  into the bb-help.html file from Big Brother are also gone, since
  this file cannot be redistributed.
  One man-page is currently missing: The hobbit-alerts.cfg(5) man-
  page isn't done yet, but there is an HTML document that describes
  how to setup alerts.

bbgen changes
* HTML 4.0 compliance was checked for the overview- and status-log
  webpages. Multiple changes in the "web/" templates and hobbitserver.env
  as a result.

* bbgen no longer updates the "info" and "trends" columns.  Instead, two 
  stand-alone utilities handle this. The "--info" and "--larrd" options 
  are no longer used by bbgen. So if upgrading from beta3, you must 
  copy the new [larrdcolumn] and [infocolumn] sections from the default
  hobbitlaunch.cfg file.

hobbitd changes
* hobbitd can now save "meta" information about each status; this
  is expected to be XML-formatted data. Currently, the "info" and
  "trends" data is stored in this way, if the tools generating it
  are run with the "--meta" option.

* Two new network commands in hobbitd: "hobbitdxlog" returns a status
  log in XML format; "hobbitdxboard" returns the full Hobbit status board
  in XML format.

* hobbitd now handles SIGHUP correctly.

RRD / graphing changes
* A replacement for the Perl-based larrd-grapher CGI was implemented.
  This has much lower overhead as a CGI script than the old script,
  so graphs appear a lot quicker and with less load on your server.
  Also, this graph CGI has some improvements, e.g. if multiple 
  graphs are combined (e.g. the tcp graph), the view is split up 
  into multiple graphs. And http response-times are shown on a 
  separate graph, since they are usually much larger than the 
  response-times for normal tcp tests.

* Improved the way RRD graphs are defined. The LARRDS environment
  setting defines what types of status-messages are passed to the
  LARRD backend and how they should be interpreted. The GRAPHS
  environment variable defines what graphs appear on the "trends"

* The "memory" RRD backend now tracks the "actual" value (for Linux)
  and "Virtual" value (Win32).

* A new RRD graph for bbgend tracks the number of incoming messages.

* The "apache" RRD backend was implemented. Instead of a standalone
  bottom-feeder, data is fed by bbtest-net. So you can enable apache
  reporting simply by putting "apache" as a test in bb-hosts.

* The "sendmail" RRD backend was implemented.